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The Quality Assurance of Prefab Metal Buildings

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September 28, 2018

Factory-Made Buildings Outshine Field-Fabricated Construction

Prefab metal buildings reduce construction errors.  It all boils down to quality control.

Assuring the Quality of Building Materials

hardhat and steel ribbed panel tout prefab metal building quality controlBoth wood and concrete building lack material consistency.

Lumber’s strength varies drastically from tree species to species.

Most of today’s wood comes from smaller, younger, weaker trees.  Consequently, much of the lumber is flawed.  Builders must often settle for wood with knots, bark, splits, twists, missing chunks, and other defects.

How can you rely on the stability of lumber like that?

Concrete construction has similar quality problems.

Concrete’s strength lies on the materials mixed— and the crew controlling that mix.  Changes in the water-to-cement ratio affect concrete’s strength.  Hotter days also affect the solidity of the mix.  Even scheduling delays impact the consistency and quality of the concrete.

However, steel is created under strict industry guidelines.  Every type and thickness of steel has a specific, known strength and performance.  Consequently, there’s no guesswork involved in creating steel, so consistency is certain.

Assuring the Quality of the Building Pieces

Concrete and wood builders fabricate everything in the field.  All that laborious measuring, cutting, and assembling takes time, and lots of it.  Also, the more a project depends on field fabrication, the greater the chance for major mistakes.

Conversely, prefabricated steel building kits originate in a factory.  Steel engineering software spits out detailed framing drawings.  Trained fabricators create each framing piece to the engineer’s precise specs.  Before shipping, quality-control specialists check the finished components for accuracy.

Prefab metal buildings arrive at the job site ready to assemble.  Every piece is clearly marked for quick identification.  Therefore, steel framing bolts up quickly and easily— no muss, no fuss, and with far fewer field-related errors.

Depend on the Consistency of Prefab Metal Buildings

RHINO’s prefabricated metal buildings deliver hassle-free quality construction. The consistency of steel, coupled with quality-conscious manufacturing, make metal buildings the best option for most construction projects.

Call us today for more information,  Ask for a quick quote.  Speak to one of our quality steel construction specialists now at 940.383.9566.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc