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Steel Buildings for Meat Packing Plants

Seven Reasons Meat Processors Build with Steel

Why would you choose steel buildings for meat packing plants and food plant construction? For the same reason steel frames 95% of all industrial construction projects today: no other building system makes as much sense as steel.

Icon of a box, representing spaciousness.Meat Packing Demands Space

Meat packing plants need massive space.  They require huge, unobstructed floor area.

Only pre-engineered steel buildings can produce the wide, column-free space slaughterhouses demand.  The clear span capabilities of steel make it ideal for meat packers, as well as manufacturing, aeronautics, and warehousing operations.

RHINO steel buildings stretch up to 300-feet wide without any interior supports.  Plants up to 480-feet wide are possible with a load-bearing center column.

Icon representing the inorganic properties of steel buildings.Inorganic Building Material

Cleanliness reigns supreme in all food processing operations.

Since steel is inorganic, it never promotes mold and other fungal growths.  Nor will steel outgas, as organic buildings do. Consequently, steel not only stays cleaner, it also promotes better indoor air quality.

Icon representing the time saving advantages of steel buildings for meat packing plantsFaster Construction

The quicker any industrial facility goes online, the faster it begins to show a profit.

Pre-engineered steel buildings for meat packing erect quickly.  When compared to other building systems, prefabricated metal buildings cut food plant construction time by 33% or more.

Icon representing the strength of steel buildings.Strong and Durable

Steel boasts the strongest strength-to-weight ratio of all building materials.  Consequently, steel industrial buildings outlast and outperform other structures.

Steel buildings are designed to comply with all industrial needs.  Whether an operation requires additional loading for overhead cranes or HVAC units, steel buildings meet the challenge.

Prefab metal buildings can meet or exceed all current local building loads, too.

Dollar sign icon representing the cost efficiency of steel buildings for meat packing plants.Cost Efficient

Design efficiency makes RHINO steel industrial buildings affordable.  Multiple shipping points keep delivery charges at a minimum.

Moreover, the extremely low maintenance and over-the-top energy efficiency of metal buildings cut operating expenses.  In fact, RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation reduces heating and cooling costs by 50%.

Icon representing the fire-resistant qualities of steel buildings.Non-Combustible

All business owners want to protect their investment from fire. Meat processing is no exception.  Therefore, building with a fire-resistant material like steel makes perfect sense.

In fact, most steel-framed commercial and industrial operations enjoy big discounts on insurance premiums, thanks to the fire-resistant properties of commercial-grade steel.

Infinity icon representing the unlimited design possibilities of steel buildingsUnlimited Options

RHINO steel buildings provide multiple options and accessory choices.

Heavy-duty industrial operations like meatpacking can choose from the following:

  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Overhead Doors
  • Pipe Boots
  • Pro-Value Insulation Packages
  • Skylights and Wall Lights
  • Standing Seam or Cool-Coated Steel Roofing
  • Steel Gutters and Downspouts
  • Vents
  • Personnel Doors

RHINO-Tough Steel Buildings for Meat Packing

This year, Andy’s Deli and Mikolajczyk Sausage Shop, Inc. celebrates its 100th anniversary.  Mike Mikolajczyk started the business in Chicago in 1918.  Since then, the company has become a national leader in high quality Polish sausages and specialty European meats.

Five years ago, Andy’s expanded operations with a facility in Endeavor, Wisconsin.  Construction included a meat processing plant, offices, and a 2,000 sq. ft. retail store.  RHINO Steel Building Systems, Inc. supplied all the structures for the plant.

Four separate metal buildings, ranging from 4,700 to over 11,700 square feet, made up the order.  The buildings varied in height from 16’ to 22’.

Interestingly, Andy’s employees chose to erect the plant and restaurant themselves.

RHINO: Industrial-Strength Buildings

If you need steel buildings for meat packing or other industrial structures, call RHINO today.  Our savvy steel building specialists will be delighted to answer all your questions about food plant construction. Simply call us at 940.383.9566 to learn more.