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3 Reasons to Build Steel Buildings in Vermont

RHINO Metal Buildings: The Best Building Choice for Vermont It just makes sense to build structures with prefabricated steel buildings in Vermont.  Only pre-engineered metal buildings offer the strength and durability to stand up to the state’s volatile climate extremes. RHINO steel buildings ship all across North America.  However, our building system offers three benefits especially suited to the Green… Read More
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Why Firefighters Hate Light Gauge Steel Buildings

How Fire-Resistant Is Your Structure? Light gauge steel buildings enjoy some of the same benefits as pre-engineered steel buildings. However, there is a major difference between the two types of steel construction: their reaction to fire. Structural Collapse Concerns According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), firefighters respond to a structural fire every 64 seconds in the U.S.  Occupants… Read More

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7 Ways Metal Buildings Stay Affordable

How Efficiency Keeps Prefab Steel Building Costs Down Streamlined efficiency helps pre-engineered metal buildings stay affordable for commercial and industrial structures.  A “waste not” mentality creates these low-rise wonders.  Consequently, metal buildings offer the most bang-for-the-building-buck. Steel Production Efficiency Due to constant strides to improve the end product, today’s steel is actually 30% stronger. Steel production is also much faster. A hundred years ago, it took 70 man-hours to produce a ton of steel.  Innovations in steel manufacturing have reduced… Read More

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The Quality Assurance of Prefab Metal Buildings

Factory-Made Buildings Outshine Field-Fabricated Construction Prefab metal buildings reduce construction errors.  It all boils down to quality control. Assuring the Quality of Building Materials Both wood and concrete building lack material consistency. Lumber’s strength varies drastically from tree species to species. Most of today’s wood comes from smaller, younger, weaker trees.  Consequently, much of the lumber is flawed.  Builders must often settle for wood with knots, bark, splits, twists, missing chunks, and other defects. How can you rely on the… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Theaters and Museums

Steel Buildings Create Unobstructed Space for Audiences All buildings for theaters and museums have one common requisite: spaciousness.  Pre-engineered steel buildings provide the column-free openness performances demand. Clear Span Steel Buildings Successful audience-based venues must make the most of available space.  Seating is paramount.  After all, the more seating that is available, the greater the profits per showing or event. However, it is equally important to keep the customers comfortable with an unhindered view of the presentation.  Wide spaces and… Read More

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Aftermath of 2017 Mexico City Earthquake

What Worked—and What Didn’t One year after the devastating Mexico City earthquake, rebuilding continues.  The 7.1 tremblor rocked not only buildings and lives, but also construction guidelines and governmental policies. Historic Shaking in Mexico Ironically, the 2017 quake hit on September 19, the 32nd anniversary of the 8.1 megaquake.  The 1985 killed over 10,000 residents of Mexico City. Although far less deadly than the 1985 tremblor, the 2017 quake also took a severe toll.  According to data from the U.… Read More

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Pole Barns and Property Values

Does a Pole Barn Increase the Resale Value of Property? Adding pole barns to your property sounds like a great idea.  That should pump up the land’s worth, right? Well, not necessarily. Weighing Property Improvements Surprisingly, not all additions increase the later resale value of your property. For example, real estate professionals often find homes with swimming pools are actually harder to sell.  Many people do not want the expense and hassle of a pool.  The same can be said… Read More

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A Do-It-Yourself Multi-Use Steel Building

Creating a Metal Building for All Your Needs A multi-use steel building serves two, three or even more purposes. The versatility of pre-engineered steel building kits makes them easy to adapt for any use.  The unobstructed clear span interiors of a prefabricated metal building allow the owner free rein.  Space can be allocated for whatever you need. Think of the possibilities! The combinations are endless.  Just mix and match any of these into one roomy steel building: Game room Gardening… Read More

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Hurricanes and Typhoons

Exploring the Difference between Hurricanes and Typhoons Did you ever wonder what the differences are between hurricanes and typhoons?  Is a tropical cyclone just another type of hurricane? Storms Threatening the U.S. In a bizarre weather anomaly, three potential hurricanes and a typhoon are now simultaneously threatening the U.S. and its territories: Meteorologists expect Hurricane Florence to strike the East Coast of the U.S. this week as a powerful Category 4 storm. Tropical Storm Isaac may reach hurricane strength before… Read More

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How to Prevent Rust on Metal Buildings

Eliminating the #1 Enemy of Steel Buildings: Corrosion Rust on metal buildings starts small.  However, if not squelched immediately, insidious rust spreads.  Corrosion compromises structural integrity, reduces lifespan, and devalues your metal building. Steel Buildings and the “Man of Steel” Steel is always associated with incredible strength.  That’s why Superman is also known as the “Man of Steel.”  However, even Superman had one great weakness: kryptonite. Like Superman, steel— the hero of building materials— also has one great vulnerability: rust.… Read More

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Do-It-Yourself Steel Aircraft Hangars

Build Your Own Metal Hangar and Save Big The number one way to save money on steel aircraft hangars is to assemble it yourself!  And building your own plane or helicopter hangar is easy with a pre-engineered metal building kit. Set Your Course for a Building Adventure By nature, private pilots are confident and adventurous. Most flyers are also quite handy.  For example, they are perfectly capable of maintaining their own aircraft.  Consequently, high-flying do-it-yourselfers find building their own steel… Read More

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7 Reasons to Choose Metal Buildings for Auto Shops

Why Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Dominate New Auto Shop Construction Why do so many mechanic shop owners choose prefabricated metal buildings for auto shops? Well, metal buildings offer many advantages over other low-rise construction methods.  A high-quality metal building promises great value— and it delivers on that promise. In fact, steel now frames 65% of all new low-rise commercial construction. The Auto Service Industry Today With over 260 million passenger vehicles now on the road in the U.S., the auto repair… Read More

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