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Beginner’s Guide to Metal Building Suppliers

Doing Your Homework Before You Buy a Steel Building All metal building suppliers are not alike.  Compare several companies.  Investigate each business thoroughly in three primary categories: product, proven performance, and price. The Product When choosing a metal building kit, first-time building buyers immediately want quotes.  In fact, many times they want a “cost-per-square-foot” before they even decide on the… Read More
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How to Prepare a Metal Building Site

Digging Up the Dirt on Steel Building Groundwork Why does metal building site preparation matter? Well-planned and executed groundwork is crucial for a successful foundation.  In fact, the building’s structural integrity literally rests on a strong, firm foundation bed. Moreover, a poorly prepared building site can turn into a nightmare.  It is important to obtain all the proper building permits. … Read More

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Steel Buildings: Getting Better All the Time

7 High-Tech Advances in Prefab Metal Buildings Today’s steel buildings are not the same as in grandpa’s day.  Steel buildings are now stronger, safer, simpler, and smarter than ever before. Advances in Steel Production As in most industries, expanding technology revolutionized steel production in recent decades. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), steel productivity has tripled since the 1980s.  For example, thirty-eight years ago it took ten man-hours to produce one ton of steel.  Today, steelmakers roll… Read More

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Using Steel Buildings for Bookstores

Why Steel Buildings House the Best Book Businesses Smart booksellers choose steel buildings for bookstores, libraries, and fulfillment centers.  Pre-engineered steel buildings provide a strong, protective structure at an affordable price that is ideal for building a bookstore. A few years ago, many saw bookstores as a dying industry.  Experts expected e-books and digital readers to gobble up the market share of printed books. However, America’s love of books lives on. Book Selling Statistics Almost 23,000 bookstores currently operate in… Read More

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Industrial Steel Building Growth

Is It Time to Expand Your Business with a Metal Building? Space is now a precious commodity in the industrial steel building market.  More and more consumer dollars now fly into e-commerce businesses, fueling a storage squeeze and a need for warehouse expansion. The Industrial Market Boom E-commerce companies continue to ramp up sales.  Major brick-and-mortar retailers now heavily promote their own online sales.  Competing with online giants like Amazon is now a matter of survival. Online retailers are scrambling… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Meat Packing Plants

Seven Reasons Meat Processors Build with Steel Why would you choose steel buildings for meat packing plants and food plant construction? For the same reason steel frames 95% of all industrial construction projects today: no other building system makes as much sense as steel. Meat Packing Demands Space Meat packing plants need massive space.  They require huge, unobstructed floor area. Only pre-engineered steel buildings can produce the wide, column-free space slaughterhouses demand.  The clear span capabilities of steel make it… Read More

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RHINO Reaches a Metal Building Milestone

Celebrating 20 Years of Steel Building Success This week, RHINO Steel Building Systems races past a metal building milestone as we complete our twentieth year in operation. We believed from day one that RHINO would become a premier steel building company.  In fact, we were determined to make it so. Our business model centered on a simple premise: deliver high-quality metal buildings and spectacular service at reasonable prices. That basic philosophy worked. Not only have RHINO’s building sales increased year… Read More

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Avoid These Steel Building Mistakes

Six Tips for the Do-It-Yourself Metal Building Erector Our prefabricated structures are quick and easy to assemble— if you avoid the more common steel building mistakes. Many RHINO metal building buyers prefer the do-it-yourself method for erecting their structure. After all, the steel framing pieces arrive marked and ready to assemble. Erecting a pre-engineered metal building is truly like building a giant version of a kid’s erector set.  Detailed erection instructions and a DVD accompany the building.  What could be… Read More

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3 Reasons to Build Steel Buildings in Vermont

RHINO Metal Buildings: The Best Building Choice for Vermont It just makes sense to build structures with prefabricated steel buildings in Vermont.  Only pre-engineered metal buildings offer the strength and durability to stand up to the state’s volatile climate extremes. RHINO steel buildings ship all across North America.  However, our building system offers three benefits especially suited to the Green Mountain State.  Steel buildings in Vermont are: Versatile Metal buildings kits create the perfect frames for many commercial and industrial… Read More

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Why Firefighters Hate Light Gauge Steel Buildings

How Fire-Resistant Is Your Structure? Light gauge steel buildings enjoy some of the same benefits as pre-engineered steel buildings. However, there is a major difference between the two types of steel construction: their reaction to fire. Structural Collapse Concerns According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), firefighters respond to a structural fire every 64 seconds in the U.S.  Occupants and responding firefighters become trapped when structures collapse.  In fact, an estimated one-third of firefighter fatalities result from structural collapses.… Read More

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7 Ways Metal Buildings Stay Affordable

How Construction Efficiency Keeps Prefab Steel Building Costs Down Streamlined efficiency helps pre-engineered metal buildings stay affordable for commercial and industrial structures.  A “waste not” mentality creates these low-rise wonders.  Consequently, metal buildings offer the most bang-for-the-building-buck. Steel Production Efficiency Due to constant strides to improve the end product, today’s steel is actually 30% stronger. Steel production is also much faster. A hundred years ago, it took 70 man-hours to produce a ton of steel.  Innovations in steel manufacturing have… Read More

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The Quality Assurance of Prefab Metal Buildings

Factory-Made Buildings Outshine Field-Fabricated Construction Prefab metal buildings reduce construction errors.  It all boils down to quality control. Assuring the Quality of Building Materials Both wood and concrete building lack material consistency. Lumber’s strength varies drastically from tree species to species. Most of today’s wood comes from smaller, younger, weaker trees.  Consequently, much of the lumber is flawed.  Builders must often settle for wood with knots, bark, splits, twists, missing chunks, and other defects. How can you rely on the… Read More

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