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Steel Barns and Farm Buildings

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November 21, 2017

Agricultural Building Trends for 21st Century Farming

Changes in the evolution of farming practices mandate changes in farm buildings.  Pre-engineered steel barns and buildings still dominate rural agricultural construction.  However, recent years have seen several distinct trends in farm buildings.

Larger Structures, Wider Doors

Today’s bigger farms employ huge machinery.  Unfortunately, these super-sized tractors and farm attachments do not fit into older equipment sheds.

Modern farm operations require hefty-sized farm buildings and machinery shelters with much wider doors.  Prefabricated steel buildings deliver the size, open space, and ultra-wide doors to meets the needs of contemporary farmers.

Most farmers prefer hydraulic-lift doors— especially in more extreme climates— as sliding doors never seal as well as hydraulic bi-fold or lift doors.  Pull-through farm buildings, with two overhead doors placed on opposite sides of the structure, increase maneuverability for cumbersome farm machinery.

RHINO Steel Building Systems offers hangar-style hydraulic doors from 24’ to 70’ wide.  Buyers may choose insulated or wind-rated doors, too.

Wall-Free Shelters

Shade shelters are another trend in farming.  A roof-only, open-air structure cuts construction costs over a fully enclosed structure.  In addition, a farm building without walls allows unfettered access.

There are also compromises possible between fully enclosed and wall-free designs.  For example, one option is a shelter with only one wall on the side facing the prevailing winds, leaving the other three sides open.

Advantages of Prefab Farm Buildings

RHINO’s commercial-quality barns and rural structures offer farmers and ranchers many benefits.  Our farm buildings are:

  • Adaptable for slab, perimeter wall, or pier foundations
  • Affordable to buy, build, and operate
  • Bird-resistant
  • Easy to erect, a do-it-yourselfer’s dream structure
  • Eco-friendly recycled steel
  • Economical to expand
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Resistant to damage from earthquakes, fires, leaks, lightning, mold, rot, rust, strong winds, snow, and termites
  • Roomy and amazingly versatile
  • Very low maintenance

RHINO Farm Buildings for Agribusiness

From steel barns and horseback riding arenas, to hay sheds and livestock shelters, RHINO provides the best farm buildings at the best price.

Our robust sales record speaks volumes about our quality building products and our above-and-beyond customer service.

Call a RHINO steel building specialist today at 940.383.9566.  Ask for information or a quick quote on your next farm building or other construction project.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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