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Steel Pole Barn Kits and Other Barn Buildings

Metal Pole Barns and Trends in Farm Buildings

Pre-engineered steel barn buildings still dominate agricultural construction in the U.S.  However, in recent years, several other distinct trends have emerged in farm buildings.

Larger Barn Buildings, Wider Doors

Iconic drawing of a farm's barn building.Today’s bigger farms employ huge machinery.  Consequently, modern farm operations require hefty-sized equipment shelters.  And bigger equipment needs extra wide doors.  

Only prefab steel farm buildings deliver the size, open space, and ultra-wide doors modern farming demands.

Most farmers now prefer hydraulic-lift doors.  They find that sliding doors never seal as well as hydraulic bi-fold or lift doors. 

Happy young farmer sits on his truck before his beautiful steel barn building.In addition, pull-through barn buildings— with two overhead doors placed on opposite sides of the structure— are also popular today.  Pull-through designs increase maneuverability for supersized farm machinery.

Larger doors are no problem with RHINO steel structures.  We offer hangar-style hydraulic doors up to 70’ wide. 

Moreover, RHINO offers insulated or wind-rated doors, too.

RHINO Steel Shade Shelters

Photo of a large RHINO open-air shade shelter in Nevada.Shade shelters are another trend in farming. 

An open-air building is less expensive to buy and build than a fully enclosed structure.  Farm buildings without walls allow freer access, too.

There are also compromises between fully enclosed and wall-free designs. 

For example, one option is a shelter with only one wall on the side facing the prevailing winds, leaving the other three sides open.

Advantages of Prefab Pole Barn Kits and Farm Buildings

Photo of a RHINO barn with shade shelter.RHINO’s commercial-quality metal pole barns and rural structures offer farmers and ranchers fantastic benefits.  Our sturdy farm pole buildings are:

  • Adaptable for slab, perimeter wall, or pier foundations
  • Affordable to buy, build, and operate
  • Bird-resistant
  • Easy to erect, our DIY barn kits save money on construction
  • Eco-friendly, with a high recycled steel content
  • Economical to expand
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Quick to erect, saving time
  • Resistant to damage from earthquakes, fires, leaks, lightning, mold, rot, rust, strong winds, snow, termites, and gnawing cattle
  • Roomy and amazingly versatile


No other Ag building system compares to our RHINO-tough metal barn buildings.

RHINO Farm Buildings for Agribusiness Today

Photo of someone using RHINO's online 3D Design Tool on a tablet.Whether you need steel pole barns, horseback riding arenas, hay sheds, or livestock shelters, RHINO is the answer.  We provide the best barn kits and other agricultural buildings at the best possible price.

Call a RHINO steel building specialist today at 940.383.9566

Ask for detailed information or a quick quote on pole barn kits, shade shelters, general farm buildings, or any other construction project.

Don’t forget to try RHINO’s online 3D Design Tool to help visualize your ideal rural structure!

(Updated 3-25-2020.  Originally published 11-21-2017.)