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RHINO Steel Buildings Celebrates Anniversary

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October 31, 2014

Reflecting on our First 16 Years in Metal Buildings

This week RHINO Steel Buildings is celebrating our sixteenth year of operation. As we reflect on the past, we also look toward the future. The first sixteen years is just the beginning.

RHINO AnniversaryOver 27,000,000 Square Feet of Steel Buildings Delivered

Over the past sixteen years, the growth of RHINO Steel Building Systems has been phenomenal. Today the RHINO name is accepted as a premiere building brand in the metal building market.

In checking sixteen years of RHINO sales data, we found the following:

  • RHINO has delivered over 27 MILLION square feet of steel buildings to date.
  • We have shipped almost 60,000 TONS of commercial-grade steel.
  • Our sales have included everything from a tiny 144 sq. ft. building in Missouri, to a 165,000 sq. ft. monster structure in Texas— and everything in between.
  • RHINO has delivered metal buildings to every state in the U.S., all across Canada and Mexico— even to Bora Bora and Pago Pago!

Even we are amazed at all the uses our customers find for our metal buildings. RHINO metal buildings sold so far include:

AGRICULTURAL: Steel barns, hay sheds, equipment storage, farm product storage, stables, indoor riding arenas, horse training facilities, livestock buildings, farm and ranch offices, and more.

COMMERCIAL: Restaurants, office buildings, medical buildings, retail centers, auto service centers and tire stores, auto parts sales, vehicle showrooms, strip malls, self-storage facilities, churches, and more.

AVIATION: Private and corporate airplane hangars, helicopter hangars, shade shelters, and office buildings.

INDUSTRIAL: Steel warehouses, meatpacking plants, oil and gas buildings, and manufacturing plants of all kinds— including a 127,500 sq. ft. factory in Mexico.

RECREATIONAL: Covered pavilions, indoor sports facilities, arcades, recreation centers, youth centers, gymnasiums— even a covered batting cage for a school.

RESIDENTIAL: Steel homes, lake cabins, mother-in-law cottages, multi-car garages, RV garages, hobby houses, workshops, man caves, home offices, and a dizzying array of personal storage buildings.

MUNICIPAL: Firehouses, city offices, storage buildings, school auxiliary buildings, and more.

A Special Thanks to All Our Customers

RHINO ThanksNo amount of advertising can match the results of satisfied customers— who not only buy from RHINO repeatedly, but also refer others buyers to us. Referrals and repeat customers generate over 39% of our sales.

We deeply appreciate all the customers who have ordered RHINO steel buildings over the past sixteen years. We know our success depends on you.

We would especially like to thank those returning customers who have purchased multiple RHINO metal buildings over the years. Many of you are now dear friends. We do not take your business or your friendship lightly.

More thanks go out to the thousands of customers who referred their friends and family to RHINO. We are humbled by your confidence and grateful for your kindness.

Another Special Thanks to Our Fabulous Crew

RHINO’s staff demonstrates extraordinary loyalty, professionalism, and dedication every day. Several of our team members have been with our company from the beginning. Most of our employees have ten to twelve years at RHINO.

Thank you all for your dependability and continued service.

You are, quite simply, the BEST in the business.

This Is Just the Beginning for RHINO Metal Buildings

We look forward to the next sixteen years of serving the steel building market.

If we can be of service to you, please call RHINO Steel Building Systems, toll free, at 888.320.7466 now.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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