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Multi-Purpose Steel Storage Buildings for Packrats

What to Do When There’s No More Space

Remember Captain James T. Kirk’s famous “Star Trek” opening: “Space, the final frontier.”  Decades later we still long desperately for space— space to put all our stuff!  Where can you put your “Star Trek” collectables, your woodworking tools, your wife’s craft supplies, or Granny’s antique quilt box?  Pre-engineered steel storage buildings are a terrific way to shelter your treasures.

Examples of some of RHINO's Multi-Purpose Metal Storage BuildingsExplore strange new worlds of added space, seek out new unclutteredness, boldly go where you have never gone before— into your own back yard to build a do-it-yourself metal storage building.

Steel Storage Buildings for the Space-Challenged

Like many of us, maybe you are a born packrat.  The attic is full, the garage is full, the basement is full, and every closet is full.  You would like to get organized, but how?  There is nowhere left to put anything.

You need a RHINO metal storage building.

Maybe you love everything that moves.  You need protection for your classic 1969 Boss 429 Ford Mustang, granddad’s 1956 Eldorado convertible, your bass boat, the RV, three ATVs, two jet skis, a John Deere riding mower— and more clutter.

Unclutter with a RHINO steel storage building.

Or perhaps you love doing things with your hands.  You have more than a few projects underway— and ideas for several more. However, there is no room left in the garage for the car, much less another project. Rhino’s steel storage sheds and metal utility buildings will solve your problem.

Add space with a RHINO metal storage building.

You are tired of living in chaos, tired of being unable to find tools and supplies when you need them, tired of never having a place out of the weather to tinker with something.

Get organized with a RHINO metal storage building.

Perhaps you live in a rural setting and require a barn, a stable, a multi-vehicle garage, or an equipment building with storage and a shop. See how our metal utility buildings and metal storage buildings can give you more space.

Make room for it all with a RHINO multi-purpose steel storage building.

Multi-Purpose Steel Storage Buildings

Why buy a dinky tin storage shed when you can have so much more? Consider building a strong, durable, roomy, metal utility building for multiple uses— including storage.

That’s the beauty of RHINO steel storage sheds.  Each structure is designed specifically for the individual, customized to fit their exact requirements.

Want canopy storage on one end of the structure for ranch equipment, an enclosed insulated space on the other end for a home office, and a pull through garage space in between?

Need a taller building to accommodate your RV with two-story space on one side for storage and a ham radio set up?

Need a five bay garage with an office or a hobby room?

Need a horse or dairy barn with a tack room, an equipment storage section, and a mechanic shop all under one roof?

Whatever your dream building, RHINO steel storage sheds and metal utility buildings fit the bill.

The Advantages of Multi-Purpose Steel Storage Buildings

RHINO steel storage and multi-purpose buildings provide numerous benefits.  Here are just a few:

  • Steel is stronger, more durable, and more consistent than any other building material, and require little maintenance.
  • A prefab metal building kit is created in a factory.  Every piece is manufactured to strict industry tolerances, and are uniform and consistent.
  • Steel buildings provide better protection from heavy snows, rain, hail, high winds, termites, wood ants, mold, lightning, fire, and even earthquakes.
  • Steel is the most recycled material on earth, more than 80 million tons of steel are recycled every year in North America.
  • RHINO’s steel buildings provide many additional waterproofing features—all included as standard.
  • RHINO steel structures clearspan up to 150’ in width— with even wider spans.
  • Steel wall and ceiling panels are available in a wide range of attractive colors, or opt to finish your building in brick, stone, glass, stucco, and even wood to get just the look you want.
  • RHINO orders can be shipped in 5-7 weeks from to any state in the U.S. plus Mexico and Canada.

There is simply no smarter way to build than with RHINO prefab steel storage buildings. Call RHINO today for a free no obligation quote one of our steel storage sheds or metal utility buildings: 940.383.9566.