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How to Clean Metal Building Overhead Doors

Steel Building Maintenance- Part 3

Cleaning metal building overhead doors helps maintain their function and beauty through decades of use.

Washing an overhead door takes only 20 or 30 minutes. Like washing your car, door cleaning makes a great weekend project on a bright, sunny day.

Close up of a half-clean/half-dirty metal building overhead door with the text "How to Clean Metal Building Doors"The best time to wash metal building overhead doors is probably the same time you clean gutters, during scheduled building cleaning.

These recommended procedures cover anything from a roll-up metal garage door to a gigantic hydraulic lift steel bi-fold hangar door— and everything in between.

Before Washing Overhead Doors

Heed two warnings before you start cleaning steel doors:

  1. Clean all the tracks of the door’s operating system before you begin. Use a soft brush or broom to sweep out dirt, dried mud, and debris from the track.
  2. Never use a power washer on self-storage unit doors. Your clients do not appreciate their stored valuables getting soggy. Clean mini-warehouse doors with a non-spraying water hose, carefully avoiding the top and edges of the door.

How to Clean Metal Building Overhead Doors

If the outside of the door is only light soiled with dust, simply spray the door with a household cleaner and wipe it clean with soft paper towels or shop cloths. Move from top to bottom. Rinse the door surface gently with a plain water hose. Dry the overhead door with a soft towel or cloth.

Since the interior of the door gathers less grit, spraying with a household cleaner should suffice. Clean the dirt away with paper towels or disposable shop cloths.

Grimier doors require a deeper cleaning method.

Using a plain garden hose without a sprayer, wet the door surface. Use a soft brush dipped in a bucket of warm water mixed with mild detergent. Gently scrub the door surface. Rinse the door with a garden hose. Dry the door with soft, clean towels or cloths.

To return a metal building overhead door to its original luster, try applying a coat of car wax.

(If you prefer, you can save a step by washing with a combination car wash-and-wax formula mixed with warm water instead of the mild detergent.)

Sound simple? It is!

RHINO’s Easy-Care Metal Building Doors

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