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Factory-Made Metal Buildings for Factories

Why Manufactured Steel Buildings House Manufacturing Plants

It is a marriage made in manufacturing: factory-built metal buildings for factories and industrial plants.

Both pre-engineered steel buildings and manufacturing plants thrive on efficient production.  Both demand a sharp eye on costs.  Both demand adaptability.  And both must keep production running smoothly to keep the customer satisfied.

The Impact of Manufacturing on the U.S. Economy

icon depicting metal buildings used as factoriesLet’s face it: manufacturing is essential to America’s economy.  In fact, some financial experts believe manufacturing is now the key factor to this country’s economic growth.

In 2018, the manufacturing sector produced over $2.3 trillion of the U.S. gross domestic product— in the first quarter alone! That represents an all-time high.  U.S. manufacturing also added 325,000 jobs last year.  Moreover, manufacturing is expected to grow by 3.9% in 2019.

According to the Manufacturing Institute, “The U.S. manufacturing sector is so huge that if it were its own country, it would rank as the eighth-largest world economy.”  And consider this: those statistics do not even include construction manufacturing in its totals!

The Giant of Industrial Construction

Is there any manufactured product that completely dominates its market?

Steel buildings do.

In fact, steel buildings frame an astounding 95% of all low-rise industrial construction in the U.S.!  That fact alone proves the superiority of metal buildings for factories and warehouses.

Why Are Steel Buildings So Popular?

Steel buildings provide overwhelming benefits for industry.  A few of the advantages of steel buildings are:

Incredible Strength:  Steel boasts the strongest strength-to-weight ratio of all framing materials.  Yet, industrial metal buildings are surprisingly light.  Steel’s high tensile and compressive strength mean less overall weight with fewer framing pieces needed.

Quick Construction:  Fewer framing pieces mean faster construction.  All the steel framing components are manufactured to exacting specifications in quality-controlled factories.  All the steel pieces arrive by truck, ready to unload and erect. Like factory-made knockdown furniture, steel buildings simply assemble according to instructions.

Unrestricted Space: Steel’s strength allows clear span factory construction. That means no annoying interior columns to interfere with production efficiency or retooling production lines.  No other building material can create massive 300-foot-wide structures.  Heavy-duty manufacturers may also choose towering overhead space to accommodate overhead cranes, or for mezzanine floors to use as stock rooms or offices.

Ultimate Protection:  Pre-engineered steel buildings supply built-in resistance to wind, mold, fire, termite, lightning, and earthquake damage.

Red-Iron is Green:  Steel is the most recycled material in the world.  Thus, prefabricated steel framing earns extra points as an environmental-friendly building system.

Are Metal Buildings for Factories Cost Effective?

Prefabricated metal buildings produce more building for less money than other building methods.  Here is how:

  • The lighter framing requires less concrete. Less concrete cuts foundation costs.
  • Steel’s factory-made framing and bolt-together assembly reduce construction time by 33% or more. Shorter factory construction equals lower costs.
  • Fewer framing pieces also create fewer thermal transference points. In addition, the deep wall cavities provide room for thicker insulation.  Consequently, a high quality insulation system shrinks energy expenses by 50%, month after month and year after year.
  • Non-combustible rigid-iron steel buildings also yield lower insurance rates.
  • Surprisingly, metal buildings require little upkeep. That further reducing operating costs.
  • Here’s a cost-cutting tip: Where maneuvering heavy equipment is unnecessary, framing with minimal interior supports could be a money-saving option. Typically, these modular steel frames cost less than clear span designs.

RHINO Metal Buildings for Manufacturing

In the past twenty years, RHINO has shipped thousands of metal buildings across North America.  These orders include many manufacturing plants, including one 255-foot by 500-foot monster manufacturing facility used to produce disposable cups.

Call RHINO today for information on factory construction. Our metal building specialists are here to assist you.  Reach us at 940.383.9566.  Ask for a free quote on your factory, warehouse, or other industrial building project.