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Steel Building Costs

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Metal Buildings Save Money on Operating Costs

The Lifecycle Advantages of Pre-engineered Steel Structures Metal buildings save money on purchasing and construction. However, the greatest savings happen over the lifetime of the structure. Smart investors look not only at the initial costs of building, but also at the lifecycle costs. This cradle-to-the-grave philosophy counts the cost over the years of using the structure. Buying a cheap, inferior structure does not save in the long run if it costs too much to operate and maintain. Looking Beyond the… Read More

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How Buying a Steel Building Saves Money

Cut the Purchase Price of a Structure with Steel Buying a steel building saves money during three phases: At the initial purchase During construction During use This blog covers how a reputable steel building company with a premium product cuts up-front costs. The next blog shows the reasons a steel building saves money during construction. The final blog explains how metal buildings save on operating costs. How Steel Buildings Provide the Best Price Pre-engineered metal buildings dominate the low-rise market… Read More

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Metal Buildings: Efficiency and the Bottom Line

How Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Save Money Now— and Later Pre-engineered metal buildings positively affect the construction bottom line. Even more importantly, steel building systems cut long-term operating costs. Cost Efficiency of Metal Buildings In part one of this series, we covered the incredible efficiency of modern steel production and pre-engineered metal building design, production, and delivery. What efficient building construction mean for the steel building buyer? By eliminating waste at every level of production, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a high-quality… Read More

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Which Costs Less Over Time, a Metal Barn or a Pole Barn?

Part 4: Looking at Total Lifecycle Costs of Steel Barns vs. Pole Barns It is not enough to compare only initial costs of materials and construction when choosing between pre-engineered steel framed barns or wood-framed pole barns. When comparing costs of ownership of any asset, the prudent compare not only initial expenses, but also whole-life costs. This concept is known as “cradle-to-the-grave” or “womb-to-tomb” comparison and is part of the discussion on steel buildings vs. pole barns. Long Term Vision… Read More

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7 Ways to Save Now with a RHINO Steel Building

An Affordable RHINO Steel Building Saves Money from Order through Construction There is more to the bottom line of a building project than material costs.  Attention must also be paid to the expenses associated with materials, labor, construction time, shipping, foundation, and more.  When studying the overall picture, it is clear prefabricated steel buildings save money from start to finish— and even beyond. Here are seven ways prefab metal buildings systems save time and money: 1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings are… Read More

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Comparing Pre-engineered Steel Building Costs

How Extreme Building Codes Affect Your Metal Building Bottom Line Location must be addressed when engineering a prefabricated steel building.  Local building codes designed to mitigate risk in a natural disaster influence final steel building prices. For example, in coastal areas where hurricane-force winds are likely, local building codes will require a higher wind load.  The seismic load must increases in earthquake-prone regions.  Areas with large amounts of snow require stronger snow loads. Higher loads may require more steel, heavier… Read More

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How Much Does a Pre-engineered Metal Building Cost?

Answering the One Question Everyone Asks About Steel Buildings The question asked most often at RHINO Steel Buildings is, “How much does a metal building cost?”  Unfortunately, that’s like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” Many Factors Affect Metal Building Costs There are so many variables for a prefabricated metal building. You can visit RHINO's service center for more information or you can read about just a few of the elements that determine the final cost of a… Read More

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