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Steel Building Benefits

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Security of Steel Buildings

Variety of Structures Anyone considering buying or building steel buildings is likely concerned about security. Prefabricated metal structures are a fast and economical way to have storage for a variety of purposes, including housing livestock on a farm or storing airplanes at a landing field. Whatever the reason is to have a metal structure, owners want to know the items located inside are difficult for thieves to steal or vandalize. Rhino Steel Building Systems Inc. located in Denton, Texas, has… Read More

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How Do I Love Steel Buildings?

Let Me Count the Ways… Valentine’s Day seemed the perfect time to count the reasons our customers LOVE their RHINO steel buildings. How do we know? 1. They tell us how much they love their RHINO metal buildings. 2. They order more RHINO buildings. 3. They recommend RHINO to their friends, family, and business associates. 4. The people our customers refer to us also order RHINO steel buildings. Counting the Reasons People Love RHINO Metal Buildings The number of benefits… Read More

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13 Reasons Real Estate Investors Choose Steel Buildings

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for Commercial Real Estate Developers and Investors Properly managed, real estate properties can generate sizable monthly cash flows.  Perceptive investors who own and lease commercial real estate property know the value of steel-framed buildings.  Commercial and industrial real estate developers also appreciate the qualities afforded by prefabricated steel buildings. Here are seven of the most attractive reasons real estate investors and developers prefer pre-engineered steel buildings for their commercial properties: 1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings… Read More

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13 Reasons Farmers and Ranchers Choose Steel Systems

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Agribusiness Visionary farmers and ranchers were among the first to see the potential for pre-engineered metal buildings.  They were choosing prefabricated steel systems for their agribusiness operations long before the commercial, industrial, and residential markets joined in the switch to steel. Below is a baker’s dozen of the many advantages steel buildings bring to the agricultural market. 1. Economical American farm and ranch operations today run on a tight profit margin.  Agribusiness managers… Read More

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7 Ways Steel Buildings Resist Damage from the Elements

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings vs. Mother Nature Whether for agricultural, commercial, industrial, or personal use, a building represents an investment.  Pre-engineered steel buildings protect your investment— as well as its contents.  When winds howl, lightning flashes, fire rages, or the earth trembles, prefabricated steel buildings stand up to the challenge better than traditionally constructed structures. Engineer-certified to meet or exceed all local building codes, commercial-grade steel framing provides maximum damage protection for your investment.  Here are just seven of the many… Read More

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7 Health Benefits of Steel Buildings

Breathing Easier with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings People do not think often enough about health issues when building.  Pre-engineered steel buildings supply a number of health benefits. The choices made about building materials affect the environment, certainly, both in the present and long term.  However, eco considerations aside, building material choices also affect the health and well-being of the structures’ occupants. 1. Steel Buildings Avoid Chemical Termite Treatments Lumber often requires pressure treating with harsh chemicals to provide at least some… Read More

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7 Green Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Saving America’s Resources with Eco-Friendly Steel According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): “A green building is a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout its life-cycle.” Pre-engineered steel buildings fit that criteria perfectly.  Here are seven reasons why red-iron steel makes a great green building material: 1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: 100% Recyclable Steel is recycled far more than any other material. Why? One, steel separates easily from the other waste materials with huge electromagnets.  Two, steel can be… Read More

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7 Long-Term Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

How Metal Buildings Save Money After Construction Pre-engineered metal buildings are economical for almost every low-rise construction project. Practical and affordable, prefabricated steel buildings cut costs on every phase of construction. However, that is just the beginning. Savings continue over the lifecycle of a steel building. Read below to discover the many benefits of steel construction. 1. Reduced Insurance Rates for Steel Buildings Steel structures resist damage from high winds, earthquakes, snows, heavy rains, termites, wood ants, vermin, fire, lightning,… Read More

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7 Ways to Save Now with a RHINO Steel Building

An Affordable RHINO Steel Building Saves Money from Order through Construction There is more to the bottom line of a building project than material costs.  Attention must also be paid to the expenses associated with materials, labor, construction time, shipping, foundation, and more.  When studying the overall picture, it is clear prefabricated steel buildings save money from start to finish— and even beyond. Here are seven ways prefab metal buildings systems save time and money: 1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings are… Read More

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METAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION THAT'S FASTER AND SMARTER WITH PRE FAB METAL BUILDINGS Saving time on a construction project is vital, because time really is money.  Pre-engineered metal buildings save time— and therefore money— many ways. The quicker metal building construction is completed, the less spent on builder’s insurance and labor. Faster construction means convenience for consumer building projects. However, time is even more critical for commercial or industrial ventures.  The faster a commercial or industrial building is completed, the sooner… Read More

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