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Lightning and Steel Buildings

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Building Strong with Prefab Steel Buildings

Part 1: Safer Structures in Hurricanes, Floods, and Fires In the wake of recent billion-dollar natural disasters, people are looking to prefab steel buildings for better protection from Nature’s savage furies. We’ve seen ample evidence in 2017 that Mother Nature’s outbursts inflict unbelievable damage.  Now let’s look at what pre-engineered metal buildings can do to counter such natural disasters. Prefab Steel Buildings in Howling Winds Hurricane-force wind damage often results from structural connection failure.  Winds create a lifting force against… Read More

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How Steel Buildings Resist Lightning

The Shocking Truth About Metal Buildings in Thunderstorms Contrary to urban myth, steel buildings resist lightning, not attract it. The height of a structure, not the framing material, determines the probability of a direct lightning strike. The taller the building, the greater the risk that lightning might hit it. Conductible Steel Buildings Resist Lightning Damage Lightning is nothing more than super-charged electricity. A single lightning bolt generates up to 100 million electrical volts! All building materials either conduct or resist… Read More

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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 2

Natural Challenges Facing Wood and Steel Buildings Part 1 of this series on wood versus steel buildings covered some of the basic material differences between the two building methods. Now let’s look at how wood and steel performance. When considering a building system, it is important to think long term. How safe is the structure? How will it hold up against earthquakes, fire, violent storms, and termites? TERMITES WOOD-framed structures invite termites, wood ants, and vermin in for a snack.… Read More

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Lightning Safety for Construction Crews

Storm Safety Tips for the Job Site Contracting, roofing, and construction companies should create and enforce a plan for lightning safety for construction workers. Dismissing the danger of storms is extremely foolhardy. The company without a clear lightning safety plan— and insistence on its enforcement— risks not only the lives of their crew, but also substantial financial losses. Any outdoor job increases the risk of becoming a victim of lightning. According to a study by the NOAA (National Oceanic and… Read More

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10 Lightning Mythbusters

Separating Lightning Facts from Fables Unraveling the truth about lightning starts with sorting myths and legends from facts from facts grounded in truth.  Many of the tales told about lightning go unchallenged. Some of these lightning myths are misguided, but harmless. Others are dangerous, even deadly, during a thunderstorm.Don’t accept hearsay without divining the facts: MYTH #1: Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Balderdash. Any location may be struck more than once. Lightning often strikes repeatedly—especially tall, pointed, or… Read More

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Lightning: Dazzling, Dangerous, and Deadly

Lightning is the #5 Weather-Related Killer in the U.S. Do you love the crashing, booming, light show of a good electrical storm— or fear the awesome power of its lightning? Skittering across the sky in blinding flashes of menace, powerful lightning rips away our illusions of control. As breathtaking and hypnotic as those jagged, deafening flashes dancing across the sky can be, remember lightning is also a raw, deadly power. Each year it inflicts massive property damage, debilitating injuries, and death on… Read More

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Combating the Cost of Calamities with Steel Buildings

Metal Buildings Outperform Other Structures in Natural Disasters In the wake of the devastating natural disasters recently inflicted on the U.S., building stronger structures like steel buildings is vital. Choosing to build structures to stand up to Mother Nature at her worst just makes sense. Counting the Cost of Catastrophic Events The escalating cost of natural disasters in the U.S. boggles the mind. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), since 1980 the U.S. has suffered 170 weather related… Read More

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7 Ways Steel Buildings Resist Damage from the Elements

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings vs. Mother Nature Whether for agricultural, commercial, industrial, or personal use, a building represents an investment.  Pre-engineered steel buildings protect your investment— as well as its contents.  When winds howl, lightning flashes, fire rages, or the earth trembles, prefabricated steel buildings stand up to the challenge better than traditionally constructed structures. Engineer-certified to meet or exceed all local building codes, commercial-grade steel framing provides maximum damage protection for your investment.  Here are just seven of the many… Read More

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How Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Resist Lightning Damage

There are 1,800 Thunderstorms in Progress at this Moment Lightning dances across the sky in jagged bolts.  Both beautiful and deadly, lightning flashes out with awesome power, potentially causing massive property damage, debilitating injuries, and even death for those without building lightning protection.  The prudent take building lightning protection seriously by constructing steel buildings. When grounding metal buildings is done properly, lightning passes harmlessly into the ground. Well-Grounded Metal Buildings Are Safer from Lightning Did you know lightning causes more… Read More

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