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Hurricanes & Steel Buildings

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Metal Buildings in New Jersey

Building to Beat Nature’s Savage Fury with Steel When a monster storm like Hurricane Sandy slams into the coast, the farsighted rejoice that they chose to construct metal buildings in New Jersey. They know that steel buildings withstand Mother Nature’s tantrums better than other structures. When Sandy Pounded New Jersey When “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy crashed into the U.S. on October 29, 2012, it left darkness and devastation in its wake across seventeen states, including New Jersey. An astonishing 820-miles-wide, Sandy… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Massachusetts

Savage Weather in the Bay State Demands Stronger Structures New England’s punishing hurricanes, blizzards, and snowstorms mandate storm-resistant steel buildings, homes, warehouses, and even prefab metal garages for Massachusetts. Structures all across New England here need to stand up to hurricane-force winds and massive snowfalls. Five of the Worst Massachusetts’ Storms Let us look at few of the most grueling storms to strike Massachusetts in the last 65 years. 1991— Hurricane Bob: Startling weather watchers, Hurricane Bob progressed from a… Read More

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After the Storm: Hurricane Clean Up

The Daunting Task of Debris Removal after Cyclonic Storms It is hard to wrap your mind around the scope of hurricane clean up. At first, just surviving day-by-day, crisis by crisis takes everyone’s full attention after a hurricane. Then reality sets in. Rebuilding cannot begin until the rubble left behind is removed. What do you do with the great piles of rubbish created by a major storm? The Debris Crisis The sheer size of debris created by strong tropical storms… Read More

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After the Storm: Environmental Impacts of Hurricanes

Three Ways Hurricanes Harm Ecosystems While the immediate effects of major cyclones dominate new stories, the environmental impacts of hurricanes can last for decades. As the media focuses on the human loss of life and property, the ecological devastation of natural habitat tends to get lost in the headlines. Hurricanes wreak death and property destruction on both people and wildlife. Man and animals can both suffer the ability to feed and house themselves and their families. Hurricanes inflict environmental damage… Read More

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Hurricane-Resistant Construction- Part 3

Five Ways to Design a Structure in Hurricane-Prone Areas Hurricane-resistant construction starts in the design phase. While no structure system can promise to be 100% damage-proof in severe cyclones, there are several ways to decrease the risk. Tropical storms and hurricanes inflict destruction several ways: • High-velocity straight-line winds • Tornados spawned by the storm system • Flooding caused by downpours and storm surges Avoiding flood damage depends more upon location than design. Consequently, we will focus on structural design… Read More

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Hurricane-Resistant Construction- Part 2

The Worst Hurricanes in U.S. History In part one of this series on hurricane-resistant construction, we looked at hurricane basics. This installment lists the deadliest and most destructive hurricanes in America’s history. Hurricane or Typhoon? Many people think hurricanes are born in the Atlantic Ocean and typhoons form in the Pacific Ocean. That is a misconception. Storms forming above the equator in the Atlantic— and reaching sustained winds of 74 m.p.h. or more— are known as hurricanes. However, cyclones appearing… Read More

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Hurricane-Resistant Construction- Part 1

Understanding Hurricane Dangers Before Building Building in cyclone prone coastal areas demands hurricane-resistant construction. Building the strongest possible structure requires thoughtful planning. Risking your building investment— or your life— by choosing a sub-standard building system is not an option. Historical Hurricane Background The first record of a U.S. tropical cyclone was in 1495, when Christopher Columbus and his crews encounter a storm on their voyage to the New World. In June 1502, on his fourth voyage to the New World,… Read More

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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 2

Natural Challenges Facing Wood and Steel Buildings Part 1 of this series on wood versus steel buildings covered some of the basic material differences between the two building methods. Now let’s look at how wood and steel performance. When considering a building system, it is important to think long term. How safe is the structure? How will it hold up against earthquakes, fire, violent storms, and termites? TERMITES WOOD-framed structures invite termites, wood ants, and vermin in for a snack.… Read More

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RHINO Metal Building Survives Derecho and Hurricane Sandy

RHINO Metal Building Takes Everything Nature Dishes Out There’s no doubt that 2012 has been a year for the weather record books.  There have been scorching temperatures, huge tornado outbreaks, damaging straight line winds— and then Hurricane Sandy.  Throughout it all, we have received only one report of ‘damage’ to a RHINO metal building: the little RHINO sign on the peak of a metal barn came off! The happy customer graciously contacted us to let us know how pleased he was with… Read More

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