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Health and Steel Buildings

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Building Green Healthcare Facilities

Choosing Eco-Friendly Materials for Medical Buildings There are two compelling reasons to build green healthcare facilities: saving our planet and saving money. Choosing sustainable, recycled structural materials for any new construction project conserves resources and promotes cleaner air quality. Building green is the responsible choice. Altruistic conservation ideals aside, building green healthcare facilities is also the practical choice. Green buildings last longer, consume less energy, and cost less to operate. Saving RESOURCES by Building Green with Steel The U.S. Green Building… Read More

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Baby Boomers Drive Need for Medical Buildings- Part 2

The Advantages of Building Healthcare Facilities with Steel As the multitudes of baby boomers march relentlessly toward 65, the need for more medical buildings increases, year by year. In 1950, 12.3 MILLION people in the U.S. were 65 or older In 2000, the number of senior Americans swelled to 25.0 MILLION. By 2030, after the last of the baby boomers hits 65, the senior ranks will swell to 72.1 MILLION. By 2050, the number of Americans 65 or older is… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Building Buns of Steel in Steel Buildings Health clubs, fitness centers and gyms are springing up all across the U.S. and the world. Membership-based fitness facilities like these create an exciting income potential for health-conscious individuals, professionals, and investors alike. How much income does the fitness club industry generate? Globally, member-based fitness facilities rake in over $84 billion annually. The key to success in the fitness market is to create an inviting environment at a convenient location, staffed with attractive… Read More

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Steel Building Construction: Dressing for Safety

Follow OSHA Guidelines for Construction Site Safety Job safety is the joint responsibility of ALL those at a pre-engineered steel building construction site. Everyone present needs to avoid hazards and to prevent injuries during construction. Insist that workers wear protective gear at all times. So what do the safely dressed wear at a metal building construction site? Here are a few of the must-haves for well-dressed steel building construction worker: GLOVES: Protect hands at the steel building site by wearing… Read More

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Urban Heat Island Effects in the U.S. – Part 3

The Health Problems Caused by Sizzling Summer Heat in the Cities The urban heat island (UHI) phenomena causes scorching temperatures every summer in many major U.S. cities. This sweltering summer heat makes cities uncomfortable, energy draining, unhealthy— and deadly. Health Consequences of Urban Heat Islands Summer heat is absorbed and magnified by the city infrastructure. Relentless temperatures promote asthma attacks, respiratory problems, heart attacks, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke in overheated city dwellers. The heat also kills. Consider… Read More

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Indoor Air Quality and Productivity

Healthy Workers Are Productive Workers The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes as many as 30% of new or renovated structures have serious building indoor air quality issues. That is an alarming statistic, since Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors. Indoor air quality can actually be many times worse than outdoor air on a smoggy day. Literally thousands of pollutants found in poor building air quality are known to impact health. Indoor pollution may negatively affect vision, hearing, growth, intelligence,… Read More

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How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Reducing Pollutants in Homes and Businesses Improves Well-being Green building products should impact the environment around us— and indoor air quality— as little as possible. The goal must be to reduce pollutants outdoors and indoors. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air quality (IAQ) even more critical to overall health than pollution in the atmosphere. An EPA study found harmful indoor pollutants could be up to 100 times greater than those outdoors. Why Indoor Air Quality Matters Americans spend… Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 5

Improving Air Quality by Building with Steel instead of Wood Choosing metal buildings over lumber-framed buildings obviously saves trees. The more trees there are, the better we all breathe. Trees are not only lovely to look at, but also necessary for human life to continue. We have a symbiotic relationship with trees. We need clean air; trees clean the air. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide; trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. Never… Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 4

How an Insulated Steel Building Reduces Noise Pollution The first three articles in this series covered the ways pre-engineered metal buildings improve indoor air quality. Steel is inorganic and does not outgas, promote mold, or attract termites. Better indoor air is just the beginning of the benefits of building with steel. Did you know noise pollution also impacts your health and productivity? A well-insulated steel building drastically reduces the din of outside noise from penetrating the building envelope. Noise Pollution… Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 3

Avoid Costly Chemical Treatments with Steel Buildings Pre-engineered metal buildings do not need to be treated with outgassing chemicals to ward off termites. No termites— even those voracious Formosan termites— can make a meal of steel. Think termites are a small problem? Think again. Termites: Little Enemies, Big Appetites In order to discourage termites and other insects, dangerous chemicals must be used to treat the lumber, the building, and the soil surrounding the structure. These deadly chemicals evaporate, affecting indoor… Read More

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