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Building Green in 2016

Eco-Friendly Construction Practices for the Coming Year Whether you are a professional builder or planning a personal construction project this year, consider building green. High-performance, sustainable building is not as difficult— or as expensive— as many people believe. There are dozens of ways to reduce the environmental footprint of a construction project. Focusing on wise choices in the following two areas will reap great environmental— and financial rewards. Plus, you have the added satisfaction of knowing you are doing your… Read More

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Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Go Down in Flames?

10 Solutions to Keeping Your Resolutions on Track in 2016 Research shows about 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. More than 25% of those resolutions will crash and burn by the end of this week. We all really want to improve our health, finances, career, or relationships. We start the year with boundless optimism and determination, yet only 8% of resolution-makers succeed. The following solutions will help make your 2016 New Year’s resolutions become a reality: 10 Ways to… Read More

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RHINO Steel Buildings: Looking Back at 2015

Bizarre Weather Dominated the Past Year At RHINO Steel Buildings, we look back at 2015 with both joy and shock. It has been a year of startling contrasts. As I write this, snow is falling here in northern Texas. Three hours ago, it was sleeting. Thirty-six hours ago, tornadoes ripped through Texas and flooding rains closed many highways as a blizzard screamed across the Texas panhandle. Sixty hours ago, the day was sunny and bright, with temperatures nearing 80°. How… Read More

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Focus on Metal Building Photography- Part 2

Tips to Make the Most of Your Interior Metal Building Shots Part one of this two-part series on metal building photography offered a dozen guidelines for improving exterior building pictures. Many of these same tips apply to steel building interior photography, too. However, getting great shots inside also presets unique challenges. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words; a Great Picture is Worth $19,000 So why all the fuss about metal building photography? Because it really PAYS to have excellent… Read More

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Focus on Steel Building Photography- Part 1

How to Make the Most of Your Exterior Metal Building Shots Learn a few picture taking tips and tricks to take your steel building photography to a new level of excellence. Are you an individual taking pictures of your metal buildings for bragging rights or insurance purposes? Or are you a builder or contractor creating photos for your portfolio or Web site? Or perhaps you are a real estate professional or building manager trying to sell or lease a steel… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Alaska

Steel Buildings in Alaska If you’re looking for Alaska steel buildings, there’s no better choice than RHINO Steel. The extreme conditions of life near the Arctic Circle demand extreme structures, and RHINO’s tough steel delivers. Extreme Climate, Extreme Challenges Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on Earth — with dense evergreen forests, abundant wildlife, and the breathtaking Northern Lights, people are drawn to Alaska for its rich natural resources and beauty. However, living in Alaska isn’t easy. Life-threatening… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Mississippi

Building Stronger, Safer, and Smarter with Steel Pre-engineered metal buildings in Mississippi provide the strength needed to stand up to Mother Nature at her worst. Plagued by hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and termites, the Magnolia State needs strong, damage-resistant steel buildings to meet these challenges. Nature’s Savage Fury in Mississippi HURRICANES: As a Gulf Coast state, Mississippi frequently battles hurricanes. Screeching winds batter buildings. Storm surges and downpours flood homes and buildings. Notorious names like Camille and Katrina strike fear… Read More

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Lightning Safety for Construction Crews

Storm Safety Tips for the Job Site Contracting, roofing, and construction companies should create and enforce a plan for lightning safety for construction workers. Dismissing the danger of storms is extremely foolhardy. The company without a clear lightning safety plan— and insistence on its enforcement— risks not only the lives of their crew, but also substantial financial losses. Any outdoor job increases the risk of becoming a victim of lightning. According to a study by the NOAA (National Oceanic and… Read More

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10 Lightning Mythbusters

Separating Lightning Facts from Fables Unraveling the truth about lightning starts with sorting myths and legends from facts from facts grounded in truth.  Many of the tales told about lightning go unchallenged. Some of these lightning myths are misguided, but harmless. Others are dangerous, even deadly, during a thunderstorm.Don’t accept hearsay without divining the facts: MYTH #1: Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Balderdash. Any location may be struck more than once. Lightning often strikes repeatedly—especially tall, pointed, or… Read More

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Lightning: Dazzling, Dangerous, and Deadly

Lightning is the #5 Weather-Related Killer in the U.S. Do you love the crashing, booming, light show of a good electrical storm— or fear the awesome power of its lightning? Skittering across the sky in blinding flashes of menace, powerful lightning rips away our illusions of control. As breathtaking and hypnotic as those jagged, deafening flashes dancing across the sky can be, remember lightning is also a raw, deadly power. Each year it inflicts massive property damage, debilitating injuries, and death on… Read More

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