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Capitalize on Steel Office Buildings

Collect Rents Instead of Paying Rents by Leasing Office Space As we discussed in our last post, all growing businesses someday demand larger office buildings. Business owners must choose to find an appropriate space to lease— or to construct their own office building. There is a third option: building a larger structure than your business requires and leasing the additional space. Building a dual-purpose structure presents several great benefits. First, the income from rental unit or units helps offset the… Read More

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Why Green Builders LOVE Steel Framing

Showing the Love for Eco-Friendly Metal Buildings Environmental-conscious green builders love steel framing. Pre-engineered metal building systems allow construction companies to offer strong, durable, green low-rise structures at a highly competitive price. #1 Reason Green Builders Love Steel Framing While most builders want to aid in saving our planet, the bottom line is still the bottom line. In any industry, you must supply what the customer wants to stay in business and make a profit. Over 73% of Americans say… Read More

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The Building Budget Buster: Change Orders

How to Save Money, Time, and Headaches When Building The first mistake when building— not completely thinking through the project— causes the second biggest mistake: construction change orders. In their excitement and enthusiasm, first-time buyers tend to run ahead of the design process. Whether a commercial, industrial, or residential project, first time building owners need to understand that constructing a building is a process. It never pays to rush or skip ahead. Take time to consider every detail in advance.… Read More

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School Gymnasiums Built with Steel- Part 2

How Metal Buildings Meet the Criteria for Gym Construction In our last post, we examined some of the special challenges of school gymnasiums. This post shows why pre-engineered steel buildings meet the criteria for school gyms better than any other building method. Steel: the Smart Choice for School Gymnasiums Let’s study the factors unique to school gym construction, point by point: FULLY USABLE SPACE: As with aircraft hangars and warehouses, gymnasiums require unrestricted use of space. Steel boasts the greatest… Read More

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School Gymnasiums Built with Steel- Part 1

The Challenges of Gym Design and Construction Kids today spend far more time staring at flickering screens than working up a sweat in school gymnasiums. That needs to change. America’s youth is following in the dragging footsteps of adult couch potatoes. Technological gizmos and gadgets capture kids’ time and attention. Many of today’s children and adolescents have little time or interest in sports or fitness. The majority of schools no longer require physical education classes for all ages. Obesity rates… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Karate Schools and Dance Studios

Teaching People to Kick Up Their Heels in Steel Buildings Pre-engineered steel buildings prove an excellent investment for karate schools and dance studios. Metal prefab studio kits offer the unfettered spaciousness critical to the free motions of martial arts and performance arts training. Four Reasons Karate Schools and Dance Studio Owners Choose Steel Buildings Every successful commercial enterprise demands cost-conscious locations to do business. Steel buildings provide martial arts dojos and schools of dance with features that meet their unique… Read More

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Garage/Storage Buildings for Business

Commercial Applications for Steel Multi-Purpose Structures In a recent post, we focused on large garage/storage buildings for homeowners. However, many commercial enterprises also benefit from building pre-engineered steel industrial storage buildings. Vehicle Shelters Many businesses require delivery vans or trucks to transport their products. Caterers, florists, furniture stores, medical suppliers, office supply companies, party planners, printing companies, and the like depend on their vehicles to keep their businesses rolling. Commercial trucking companies also own fleets of vehicles. Without the protection… Read More

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6 Reasons Spacious Steel Garages Rule

Roomy Multi-Purpose Metal Buildings Increase Property Value Steel garages with ample storage offer so many possibilities. Why settle for just an ordinary garage? Build a combination garage and storage building that is the envy of the neighborhood. Picture having room for all your vehicles— with extra storage space for all the stuff crowding your living space. Well-built metal garages and multi-purpose structures provide ample room for whatever you would like to include. A bigger multi-purpose steel garage also supplies enough… Read More

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Building a New Garage? BIGGER is Better!

Steel Building Kits Create Spectacular Garages with Room to Spare Why build a plain, dinky garage when you can have a roomy multi-purpose detached building? Not only will you have space to protect your cars, but also room for recreational vehicles, lawn care equipment, hobbies— and more importantly— STORAGE! Why Invest in a Bigger Garage with Additional Storage? There are three basic reasons to consider adding a combination garage and storage structure to your property: VEHICLE PROTECTION: Why park your… Read More

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Steel Building Construction: Dressing for Safety

Follow OSHA Guidelines for Construction Site Safety Job safety is the joint responsibility of ALL those at a pre-engineered steel building construction site. Everyone present needs to avoid hazards and to prevent injuries during construction. Insist that workers wear protective gear at all times. So what do the safely dressed wear at a metal building construction site? Here are a few of the must-haves for well-dressed steel building construction worker: GLOVES: Protect hands at the steel building site by wearing… Read More

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