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Museum Covers Tracks with Steel Building

Ridgway Railroad Museum Builds Shelter for Trains Colorado’s Ridgway Railroad Museum sought a steel building system with a proven track record for their new rolling stock shelter. After careful Internet research, museum officials decided a RHINO metal building was just the ticket. Ridgway Railroad History Nestled in a valley of the San Juan Mountains, Ridgway, Colorado’s scenic beauty drew settlers to the region— as did the area’s rich silver mines. Thanks to the early mining in the area, Ridgway also… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Arizona

Metal Buildings in Arizona: A Grand Choice for the ‘Grand Canyon State’ Arizona is a land of grandeur. It is a state of extreme contrasts— varied, breathtakingly beautiful— and often wildly unpredictable. Structures in Arizona must be strong enough to withstand the wide range of wide-ranging climates across the state.  Some of the Steel Buildings for Arizona provided by RHINO Steel includes: Pole Barns in Arizona Steel Warehouses for Arizona Steel Industrial Buildings in Arizona Steel Church Buildings for Arizonians… Read More

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Steel Buildings in California

Prefabricated Steel Buildings for California Earthquakes and Fires When early settlers frantically made their way to California after the discovery of gold in 1848, they had no idea the real treasure in California was its diverse topography and climate. California has it all: arid deserts, majestic mountains, fertile farmlands, and towering forests and Rhino Steel Building Systems provides prefabricated buildings for California including: Pole Barns in California Steel Warehouses for California Steel Industrial Buildings in California Steel Church Buildings for… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Florida

Floridian Steel Buildings help Beat the Heat and Hurricanes of the Sunshine State The tropical and subtropical climates of Florida make it a favorite place to visit— or to live. Warmer winters, huge theme parks, and over 600 miles of inviting beaches beckon retirees and tourists from all across America. The influx of retiring baby boomers and immigrants settling in Florida keeps the local construction market booming. Unfortunately, damages from violent storms and hurricanes also fuel the need for construction.… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Georgia

Factory Fresh Georgia Metal Buildings for the Peach State From the Appalachian Mountains in the north, to the Atlantic Coast in the east, to the Okefenokee Swamp in the south, Georgia is a land of contrasts. Agriculture has given way to service industries and manufacturing, as the rural population migrates to urban areas. In the last decade, Georgia’s population growth outpaced even Florida. Georgians today enjoy one of the strongest economies in the U.S. The combination of Georgia’s flourishing economy and… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Kansas

RHINO Metal Buildings in Kansas Shine in the ‘Sunflower State’ Farming operations cover 90% of the area in Kansas. Wheat and sorghum remain the major crops. Irrigation of southwestern Kansas is increasing the use of other crops, including beets, hogs, and hay. Kansas farmers and ranchers need strong, durable, and affordable custom metal buildings for their stock, produce, and equipment. RHINO steel buildings for Kansas fit the bill. Prefabricated at multiple factories across the U.S., these custom metal buildings in Kansas take… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Louisiana

Metal Buildings for Louisiana Louisiana’s location on the Gulf of Mexico creates a subtropical climate that produces lush, green coastal bayous, full of wildlife. Its location also makes Louisiana vulnerable to vicious thunderstorms and powerful hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast in August 2005, striking at the heart of New Orleans. Overall, the storm impacted over 90,000 square miles. Over 1,500 people in Louisiana alone died during Katrina. Hundreds of thousands of people in the… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Missouri

Metal Buildings in Missouri for Tornadoes and Earthquakes in the 'Show Me' State From cotton fields and cornfields, to aerospace and automobile industries, Missouri embraces the best of rural and urban lifestyles. Unfortunately, as a part of the infamous Tornado Alley, Missouri has experienced some of the worst tornado disasters in U.S. history. A tornado hit St. Louis in 1896, killing 255. The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 shredded southern Missouri before cutting a swath of destruction across Illinois and Indiana,… Read More

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Metal Buildings in New Mexico

Affordable Metal Buildings in New Mexico, the ‘Land of Enchantment’ The gorgeous New Mexico landscape varies from arid flatlands, to thick forests wilderness, and soaring mountain peaks. New Mexico truly is a ‘Land of Enchantment.’ The lease populous state in the U.S., the state enjoys plenty of wide-open spaces; only 12 people per square mile inhabit New Mexico. Forests cover about 25% of New Mexico. The state lays claim to seven national forests, including the 3.3 million acre Gila National… Read More

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Metal Buildings for North Carolina

RHINO Steel Building Sales Take Flight in North Carolina In 1903, the Wright Brothers astounded the world with the first powered flight at Kill Devil Hill, near Kitty Hawk, NC. Over 100 years later, North Carolina still pursues innovations in flight. The state boasts over 180 aerospace, aviation, and defense companies. In 1902, the Orville and Wilbur Wright constructed a wooden building for their experimental glider in North Carolina. Returning from a trip a few months later, they found the… Read More

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