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Building Green with Steel

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Building Green for Our Children’s Future

Environmentally Responsible Building Starts with Steel Building green is one way we can help insure a better future for generations to come. Selecting sustainable construction materials like steel offers the most environmentally responsible choice for our children— and our planet. Green commercial and industrial builders today overwhelming choose steel framing for all their one to two-story construction projects. In fact, steel dominates all low-rise construction. Steel frames 65% of all new commercial construction and 95% of all new industrial building… Read More

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Why Tree Huggers Love Metal Buildings

Building with Steel Saves Trees— and Our Planet! Why would self-proclaimed “tree huggers” love metal buildings? Because every structure built with steel framing instead of wood framing saves trees. Breathe Easier with More Trees Deforestation diminishes the single greatest asset in combating air pollution— trees. So what is so great about trees? Here are just a few of the reasons we need to protect forests: Trees actually scrub our atmosphere. Trees inhale carbon dioxide from polluted air and exhale life-sustaining… Read More

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Steel Recycling Facts

America Recycles Day: November 15, 2016 When you look at the facts, it is clear that steel recycling is extremely effective. As we celebrate the 19th America Recycles Day, let’s take a closer look at the ways steel recycling helps the environmental. Why Steel Leads the Recycled Materials Pack Examine these steel recycling facts: 100% RECYCLABLE. Unlike lots of construction material recycling, steel is 100% recyclable. VOLUME. The staggering amount of steel recycled each year bogglers the mind. The U.S.… Read More

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Building Green Down on the Farm

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings People who enjoy country living favor building green, eco-friendly structures on their rural properties. Whether their country home represents a retreat from urban life or their livelihood, rural dwellers love the land. Country people are, by nature, conservationists. Environment preservation is important to them, and so is eco-friendly green building. Farmers and ranchers were the first to appreciate and build with steel. Even before the environmental movement gained national support, those who… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Nebraska

Eco-Friendly Building in the Cornhuskers State Starts with Steel Pre-engineered metal buildings in Nebraska stand up to the unique challenges facing cornhuskers. Nebraska’s volatile climate demands structures able to withstand strong winds, occasional earthquakes, blizzards, and violent storms with lightning and tornadoes. Nebraskans demand environmentally friendly buildings. Prefabricated steel buildings satisfy both demands. Eco-conscious Nebraskans Nebraskans boast a proud heritage of caring for the environment. Looking out over endless prairies, early settlers in Nebraska longed for the tree-covered valleys and… Read More

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Green Self Storage Facilities Start with Steel

Eco-Friendly Metal Buildings and Mini-Warehouses Environmentally conscious builders, developers, and investors overwhelmingly turn to pre-engineered steel buildings when planning green self storage projects. Building mini-warehouse businesses with steel structures cuts building costs, reduces operational costs— and delights eco-friendly customers. What could be better? The Green Qualities of Steel Self Storage Buildings To meet green guidelines, a building material is examined for its recycled content and its recovery rate. As the most recycled material on the face of the earth, steel… Read More

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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 3

Which is Greener— Wood or Steel Buildings? When considering wood versus steel buildings, it is important not to overlook the environmental implications of the two systems. Which substance leaves a smaller environmental footprint? ENVIRONMENT WOOD framing proponents crow that wood is more sustainable than steel. Wipe out a forest harvesting trees for virgin lumber? No problem! Simply replant more trees, right? However, even the fastest growing softwood tree species need 30-40 years to mature. Stronger hardwood trees take even longer… Read More

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Steel: The Green Choice for Rec Buildings

Eco-Friendly Recreational Buildings Begin with Steel Building green commercial or institutional rec buildings means choosing construction materials with the smallest possible environmental impact. Steel framing is the recycling winner of all green building methods. Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Conservationists rate preserving natural resources by three main methods: reducing, recycling, and reducing. REDUCING: Choosing pre-engineered steel building systems for rec buildings reduces raw material usage. Steel’s superior strength-to-weight ratio produces a stouter structure with far fewer building materials than other construction… Read More

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Building Green Healthcare Facilities

Choosing Eco-Friendly Materials for Medical Buildings There are two compelling reasons to build green healthcare facilities: saving our planet and saving money. Choosing sustainable, recycled structural materials for any new construction project conserves resources and promotes cleaner air quality. Building green is the responsible choice. Altruistic conservation ideals aside, building green healthcare facilities is also the practical choice. Green buildings last longer, consume less energy, and cost less to operate. Saving RESOURCES by Building Green with Steel The U.S. Green Building… Read More

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Why Green Builders LOVE Steel Framing

Showing the Love for Eco-Friendly Metal Buildings Environmental-conscious green builders love steel framing. Pre-engineered metal building systems allow construction companies to offer strong, durable, green low-rise structures at a highly competitive price. #1 Reason Green Builders Love Steel Framing While most builders want to aid in saving our planet, the bottom line is still the bottom line. In any industry, you must supply what the customer wants to stay in business and make a profit. Over 73% of Americans say… Read More

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