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Building a Green Garage with a Metal Building

10 Ways Steel Garages Save Money, Time, and the Environment A prefabricated metal building creates three things property owners crave: vehicle security, space, and greater property value. Equally important to today’s eco-conscious consumer, pre-engineered steel garages are green garages. Can you even imagine all your vehicles— cars, boat, motorhome, riding mower—sheltered under one solid steel roof? Think of the possibilities! Do any of these garage options make your heart flutter? De-cluttering the house Crafting a workshop or hobby shop Constructing… Read More

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A Steel Warehouse is a Green Warehouse

28 Reasons to Use Sustainable Steel for Warehouse Construction Practically every consumer product spends time in a steel warehouse before it makes its way to our door. Steel framing dominates industrial construction. It grabs a shocking 95% of the market. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide the benefits warehouse operations demand: open space, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Steel warehouse advantages include: Simple customization Affordable construction Fast framing erection Ultra-width Elevated height Unrestricted length Unobstructed space Extra-wide openings Built-in damage resistance Lower operating costs Minimal… Read More

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Using Steel Hangars to Safeguard Aircraft

From Red-Iron Hangars to the Wild Blue Yonder Steel hangars are almost as old as manned flight itself. From the early days of flight, protecting the sometimes fragile aircraft from harm was mandatory. Flying into History We often forget that the earliest successful manned flights were not airplanes, but gas balloons. The first manned balloon flight in America was in 1793, when the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard flew from Philadelphia to Deptford, NJ. Surprisingly, the first silk parachute jump was also… Read More

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Steel Aircraft Hangars are Green Hangars

Why Steel is the Environmentally Preferred Choice for Hangars Steel aircraft hangars remain the best “green” choice when constructing an eco-friendly home for jets, planes, or helicopters. That is good news for aircraft hangar owners, who already overwhelmingly build with steel. No other building material allows the wide expanses needed by aircraft hangars like steel framing does. With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all construction materials, only steel can create obstruction-free building interiors. Aircraft maneuverability requires the clear span designs… Read More

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The Little Steel Church in the Vale

7 Reasons So Many Small Churches Choose to Build with Steel Large or small, many religious congregations choose to build a steel church. However, pre-engineered metal buildings offer several advantages smaller churches especially appreciate. Small Churches in America According to the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, 350,000 religious congregations meet regularly in the U.S. Although mega-churches (defined as having over 3,000 members) capture the lion’s share of media attention, clearly small churches represent the backbone of worshiping in America today.… Read More

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Why Steel Buildings Make the Best Restaurants

7 Reasons Most Restauranteurs Choose Metal Buildings Steel buildings now claim 65% of all new commercial construction, including restaurants. Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) earned their market dominance the same way all successful products do— by providing greater benefits than the competition. America’s Changing Eating Habits Last year, for the first time in history, Americans spent more on eating out than eating in. The National Restaurant Association offers the following facts: 40% of Americans confess eating out is an essential part… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Connecticut

Constructing Tough Buildings for a Tough Environment No type of structure stands up to the rigors of northeastern weather extremes like pre-engineered steel buildings in Connecticut. When in a tantrum, Mother Nature sometimes releases her fury across New England. Hurricanes, thunderstorms and lightning, blizzards and severe winter storms, tornadoes, wildfires, mild earthquakes, and termites can plague the state. Home of the Insurance Giants Connecticut is home to many of the largest insurance companies in the country. In fact, Insurance and… Read More

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Winter Storm STELLA Buried the Northeast

Stella’s Snow, Sleet, Wind, and Floods Brought Havoc Last week Winter Storm Stella dumped one to almost five feet of snow across much of the Midwest and Northeastern U.S., as well as parts of Canada. Sixteen people in the U.S. lost their lives in the monstrous March 2017 storm. Many coastal areas in New England endured Stella’s hurricane-force winds. Trees and branches buckled and broke. Two homes under construction collapsed. Over 200,000 people lost power. The winds drove coastal waters… Read More

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10 More Reasons Metal Buildings Rule

An Additional 10 Benefits Steel Buildings Deliver Our last blog listed ten ways metal buildings beat wood-framed construction, but that was just the beginning. Pre-engineered steel buildings are also: 11. PREFABRICATED: All metal building components are cut, welded, drilled, painted, and marked at the nearest factory, not the job site. Steel framing arrives ready to sort and assemble. 12. RECYCLABLE: Steel is by far the most recycled material on this planet. Coupled with is continuous strength and high-recycled content, steel… Read More

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10 Reasons Metal Buildings Rule

Why the Best Building Deal is Steel— Every Time! There is a new construction champion today: pre-engineered metal buildings. Traditional wood framing controlled all low-rise construction in days of yore. Builders had an “if-it-works-don’t-fix-it mentality” about building with lumber. Wood building was tried, true, and familiar, so why change? Those days are gone. Steel now claims 65% of new commercial construction and 95% of new industrial building. Today’s pre-engineered red-iron steel buildings triumphs over old-fashioned wood construction, forcing serious builders… Read More

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