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Building a Safer Pet Hospital with Steel

Protect the Animals and Your Investment by Building with Steel

Pre-engineered steel buildings safeguard a pet hospital investment— as well as its precious animal patients— better than other building materials.

When fierce winds wail, lightning sizzles, fire rages, or the earth tremors, prefabricated metal buildings stand up to the challenge. Commercial-grade steel framing like RHINO Steel Building Systems provides maximum damage protection for a veterinary facility.

Attractive metal building pet hospital beneath a dark, stormy sky with the headline "Safer Structures Start with Steel Buildings"WINDS: Most wind damage occurs when strong winds breach the building envelope. High winds can literally lift a wood-framed roof from the building— or the entire structure from the foundation— as nails pull out under the pressure of the winds.

RHINO’s steel framing connects with high-strength bolts and nuts that hold fast against howling winds. Attached to the foundation with sturdy metal j-bolts buried in the cement, metal buildings resist the lifting force far better than lumber-framed buildings, too.

FIRE: Non-combustible steel does not burn as wood does.

Steel is never the point of ignition of a structural fire— but wood framing often is. Even if a fire does starts in a steel structure, non-combustible steel framing will not contribute fuel to spread and intensify the damage.

LIGHTNING: The U.S. Fire Administration reports lightning starts over 17,000 fires every year in the U.S. As a poor conductor of current, wood explodes into flames when lightning strikes.

Steel is a great conductor of current. In a properly grounded metal building, lightning passes through the framing and harmlessly into the earth.

EARTHQUAKES: Pre-engineered commercial-grade steel structures outperform other building methods in earthquakes, too.

Wood and concrete structures may twist and pull apart during an earthquake.

Steel buildings give at the connections during a tremblor. The framing pieces rotate slightly around the connectors. The whole building moves as a unit, absorbing the energy of an earthquake.

SNOW: RHINO metal buildings are certified by an engineer licensed in that state to meet or exceed ALL local building codes—including snow loads.

Additional RHINO Benefits

RHINO’s metal buildings deliver many advantages for pet hospitals and veterinary facilities.

SOUND INVESTMENT: Pre-engineered steel veterinary facilities cost less to build than other building systems. In general, the larger the structure, the greater the savings afforded by cost-efficient steel buildings.

Factory-produced under strict quality control standards, RHINO steel framing erects quickly. Reducing erection time by one-third, pre-engineered steel buildings reduce construction costs.

Steel buildings retain their beauty and value decades longer than wood structures, increasing the resale value of the structure.

FLEXIBLE FLOOR PLANS: Vet clinics and hospitals built today need the flexibility to allow economical changes and expansion for the future. Veterinarians should plan today with later expansion or remodeling in mind.

Steel’s strength allows pre-engineered metal buildings to be freestanding. Clear span steel buildings contain no load-bearing walls or interfering interior columns. Floor plans are open and completely flexible.

Steel buildings allow fast and affordable expansion. Adding steel frame bays at either endwall is simple and economical.

Prefabricated steel’s faster construction minimizes the disruption of clinical business when remodeling occurs.

AFFORDABLE OPERATION: Veterinary healthcare is a business like any other. The bottom line matters. Inflated overhead in devours profits.

Steel’s deep columns create room for much higher R-value insulation. Investing in a superior insulation system like RHINO’s Pro-Value System reduces heating and cooling costs as much as 50%. Reflective metal roofing options can cut utilities as much as 15% more.

The fire-resistant properties of RHINO’s commercial-grade steel garner significant discounts on insurance premiums, further reducing operating expenses for a vet clinic or animal hospital.

Steel buildings require very little maintenance. Steel does not rot, warp, sag, or twist like wood framing. RHINO steel buildings go up straight and stay that way for the lifetime of the structure.

UNLIMITED STYLES: Metal buildings can achieve any look desired. Use block, brick, colorful steel panels, stone, stucco, tilt-up concrete— or in any combination of these elements. Steel’s frame permits large expanses of glass, too.


Discerning veterinarians can depend on functional RHINO steel buildings for their animal clinic and hospital construction projects. RHINO ships sturdy, durable, metal buildings all across North America from multiple shipping points.

RHINO buildings adapt easily for all types of low-rise structures, including for agriculture, aviation, commercial, industrial, and personal use. Speak to a RHINO steel building specialist now by calling 940.383.9566. Receive more information about our products and options. Ask for a fast, friendly quote.