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Metal Building Benefits for Buyers

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May 16, 2017

Why Steel is Your Best Deal in Buildings

The metal buildings benefits for buyers expand over three phases: purchasing, constructing, and using.

Pre-engineered steel buildings provide many advantages unmatched by any other building system.  Affordable to buy, build, and operate, metal buildings dominate today’s low-rise non-residential construction.

Benefits of Buying a Steel Building

Buyers love the easy purchasing system of RHINO Steel Building Systems. Highly experienced metal building specialists lead buyers through every step of the process. Their expert advice and helpful tips make the ordering painless and stress-free.

Here are some of the up-front RHINO steel building advantages buyers appreciate:

  • The most cost-effective building system available today
  • High quality, commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant rigid steel framing
  • Well-known company with a proven track record
  • High-tech design software with 3-D stress analysis to assure structural integrity
  • Every order designed and produced to the customer’s specific requirements
  • Final plans stamped by an engineer licensed in that state
  • Guaranteed compliant with all current local building codes
  • Unrestricted design and floor plan possibilities
  • Large, unobstructed space ideal for aircraft hangars, barns and stables, churches, manufacturing plants, large equipment storage, equestrian riding arenas, vehicle showrooms, warehouses, sports facilities, and more
  • RHINO options like doors and windows, downspouts, gutters, skylights, steel panels, insulation, and pipe boots, and vents; accessories ship with steel framing

Metal Building Benefits during Construction

The popularity of pre-engineered steel buildings means finding professional steel erectors and contractors is simple. It also assures a ready supply of sub-contractors experienced with steel buildings.

On smaller projects, some people erect the steel framing themselves to save money.

Just look at the steel building advantages our buildings provide during construction:

  • Building officials familiar with and confident in pre-engineered steel framing, simplifying the permitting process
  • Fast shipping just 4-7 weeks after order placement
  • Multiple shipping points across the U.S. reduces freight costs
  • Pre-engineering reduces waste; no paying for building materials not used
  • Systematic, bolt-together steel framing system arrives ready to assemble as all with all framing cut-to-length, welded into shape, drilled, and clearly marked, saving time and money.
  • Steel’s strength produces a stronger structure with fewer pieces and RHINO’s pre-welded clips eliminate time-consuming welding in the field; construction time cut 33%.
  • Lighter steel buildings require less concrete for the slab, further reducing construction costs
  • Green buildings: RHINO’s steel framing contains up to 90.7% recycled steel

Buyer Benefits During Building Use

Metal building benefits for the buyer continue long after construction. Strong, durable, pre-engineered steel buildings out last and outperform other building systems. Here’s how:

  • Dimensionally stable steel never bows, cracks, rots, splits, twists, or warps as it ages. Steel building framing stays straight and perfectly aligned over the structure’s lifetime.
  • RHINO metal building owners save 50% on utilities with the Pro-Value Insulation Package. Pro-Value insulation diminishes outside noise, too.
  • Metal buildings are fire resistant. They do not ignite—nor add fuel to a building fire. The fire-resistant qualities of commercial-grade steel buildings earn lower insurance premiums.
  • Steel resists termite and wood ant attacks. There is no need for costly treatments with harsh chemicals or astronomical repair bills.
  • Steel buildings stand up to earthquakes, forceful winds, heavy snows, lightning, and other weather extremes better than other types of structures.
  • Inorganic steel does not support mold or mildew. Unlike wood, steel emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing a healthier indoor air quality.
  • Steel buildings need little upkeep, decreasing painting and other maintenance costs.
  • Metal buildings keep their good looks and value for decades longer than other structures.
  • Metal buildings expand easily and economically.

RHINO Metal Building Benefits for Buyers

RHINO Steel Building Systems built its reputation one structure at a time.

We believe our repeat customers offer the greatest confirmation of the quality of our products and service. In the past twelve months, over 39% of our sales came from returning customers and new clients referred to us by happy RHINO building buyers.

Find out how RHINO stands out from the common herd. Call today, toll free, at 888.320.7466 for more information and a quick quote on your upcoming building project.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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