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Veterinary Clinic Chooses RHINO Steel Buildings

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July 22, 2016

Outlaw Equine Selects on RHINO for Its New Facility

Outlaw Equine Hospital and Rehab Center began construction of a new state-of-the-art veterinary clinic in 2012. Determined to offer the finest care for horses in all of North Texas, Outlaw Equine chose RHINO Steel Building Systems to house the new facility.

Medical Care for Equine Athletes

Outlaw Equine overheadJosh Harvey, DVM, opened the Outlaw Equine (OE) in 2007.

Veterinarian medicine runs in the blood of some families.

“My father was a vet and my grandpa was a vet, it’s something I felt like I always wanted to do,” says Dr. Harvey. “To be a good equine veterinarian you have to love stress and hate sleep, but when you save a horse’s life or make them sound, that’s worth it.”

Specializing in performance-based medicine, the facility’s reputation for results spread quickly. In less than five years, OE outgrew its location. Dr. Harvey found an ideal site south of Decatur, Texas, and began planning his dream veterinary clinic.

Outlaw Equine 4In June 2012, construction on the new center began.

A 100’ x 70’ x 21’ RHINO steel building forms the front portion of the clinic for offices. A second 100’ x 230’ x 15’ RHINO steel building housing the rehab facilities connects to the first structure. Skylights in the second structure add natural lighting. Vents help keep the interior comfortable and reduce moisture build up.  (CLICK on top photo for a fly-over VIDEO of the facility.)

Perpendicular to the main core of the center, OE added horse stalls in weld-up steel wings.

Outlaw Equine 3Recently Outlaw Equine added a third 90’ x 100’ x 14’ RHINO building, an open-air structure covering their outdoor exercise facility.

Outlaw Equine’s fully equipped center and crackerjack professional staff provide exceptional diagnosis, treatment, nutritional support, and care for horses. Dr. Harvey and his dedicated team do everything in their power to keep their equine athletic patients performing at their highest level.

Twenty-three times World Champion Cowboy Trevor Brazile is just one of the clients that trust the “platinum performance” of Outlaw Equine team for his mounts, including his prized horse Deputy. Brazile says preventive maintenance, saltwater therapy, and swimming at OE keep his horses at their best.

Outlaw Equine SpaRHINO Metal Buildings: Premium Quality for Veterinarians

Our earlier article on “Metal Buildings for Veterinary Facilities” detailed the many benefits of building veterinary clinics and hospitals with pre-engineered steel buildings.

However, not all steel buildings are created equal.

Like Outlaw Equine, RHINO Steel Building Systems dedicates itself to providing exceptional vet hospital design service. That is just one reason so many of our customers come back to RHINO for their next construction project. In fact, 39.1% of our sales in the past twelve months have been from returning customers— or those referred to us by happy RHINO building buyers.

The other thing that sets RHINO apart from the common herd of metal building companies is our product. Ours is a superlative steel building system, loaded with extra features not found in many other metal building packages. We call these premium features THE RHINO DIFFERENCE.


Chat with a friendly RHINO metal building specialist today about projects for your own veterinarian clinic— or other commercial or industrial building project.

Call RHINO’s toll free hot line at 855.446.7149 to request more information on vet hospital design or a fast quote.

We are convinced that once you build with us, like Outlaw Equine, you too will be hooked on RHINO!

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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