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Using Pre-engineered Metal Buildings as Auto Repair Shops

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May 28, 2013

Building or Expanding an Auto Repair Shop for Today’s Market

Now is a terrific time to start an auto repair shop— or to expand an existing repair business— with steel prefabricated garages or repair shop metal buildings.

Why?  People are delaying buying another car or truck.  Many are opting for less expensive used cars over premium new cars when they do decide purchase another vehicle.

Pre-engineered metal buildings make the best garagesOlder cars on the road inevitably lead to more upkeep, maintenance, and repairs.  Auto mechanic businesses reap the rewards.

Keep the old car just a little bit longer…

In a tight economy, we all seem to be cutting corners and cutting coupons.

As gas prices spike and the cost of living creeps upward, everyone looks for ways to stretch the shrinking dollar.  One place people squeeze the budget is on their cars.

The first and most obvious way is to keep a car longer before trading it in.  Newer cars mean larger car payments and usually higher auto insurance.

We definitely hang on to our cars longer today.  According to AAA, the average vehicle today is 11 years old, up from 8.4 years old in 1995.

New car and truck sales for 2012 actually rose 13% from the previous year.  Those sales increases show a shift to smaller vehicles.  According to the Wall Street Journal, in April 2013 sales for large larger car models were down 73.6% over 2012.

Used car sales continued to climb in 2013.  Over 40 million used cars changed hands— an 11% increase over 2012 figures.

Drive just a little less…

Another way consumers are trimming the budget fat is by simply driving fewer miles.

A 2012 survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found 35% admitted they are driving less than they did a year ago.

Two-thirds of those surveyed plan to choose a more fuel-efficient vehicle the next time they buy a vehicle; 90% want to save money on gas, but 62% also wanted to be more environmentally responsible.

RHINO Steel Buildings for the Auto Repair Industry

RHINO steel building systems offer wonderful benefits to the auto repair industry with prefabricated garages and options for repair shop metal buildings.

Flammable materials and gasoline make mechanic garages prone to fire, but steel is non-combustible.  It will not ignite— nor will it add fuel to a garage fire.

Prefabricated workshop garages and other buildings erect in about one-third less time than other building methods.  Consequently, new repair shop metal buildings are up and running quicker.

RHINO’s quality-made metal buildings and prefabricated garages are built strong to last long, adding value and longevity to your business investment.

Order our steel buildings in any size needed to accommodate your lot and requirements for repair shop metal buildings.  Heights of any size up to 40’ receive standard pricing.  Every RHINO building is designed and manufactured specifically for the client and the location.

Optional up-grade insulation packages and insulated overhead doors create a comfortable working environment.

Call today at 888.320.7466.  Our metal building construction specialists will answer any and all questions about prefabricated garages, plus provide a free quote upon request.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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