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Defeating Termites with Spinach and Prefab Steel Buildings

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October 26, 2012

RHINO Steel Buildings Beat TermitesPrefab Steel Buildings vs. Termites

Most of us grew up seeing comics or cartoons of that intrepid, tattooed, nautical hero, Popeye the Sailorman.  You remember him— the swaggering one-eyed, spinach-loving, corncob-pipe-smoking, muscled mariner with the big heart and the goofy chuckle.  (Can’t you hear him singing his sailorman ditty in your head right now?)

However, until recently I never realized what a true visionary Popeye is.  (And it isn’t easy to be a man a vision with one eye squinted shut all the time.)

Taming termites with spinach— and steel

Thousands have fought to save their property from the relentless onslaught of ravenous, lumber-eating termites by dousing everything with strong chemicals and buckets of cash.  Oddly enough, Popeye had the solution to termite destruction almost 60 years ago.

In 1956, the Popeye cartoon Insect to Injury was released.  The plot was “riveting,” as a horde of voracious termites systematically destroy Popeye’s wood-framed home and hearth.  How did Popeye save the day and defeat the tiny terrorists?  By gulping down a can of spinach, shifting into high gear, and rebuilding from the ground up— with steel.

(Granted, the termites in this epic look more like angry black ants on steroids, but you get the idea.)

Now we know the sailorman had the right idea.

RHINO Prefab Steel Buildings: Strong to the Finish

Cartoons aside, termites are no laughing matter.

Termites typically cause more damage in the U.S. each year than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined.  Over $5 billion is spent annually in the U.S. for termite control and repairs.  Over 600,000 American homes are damaged by termites each year.  Most home and building insurance does not cover termite damage.

Popeye’s termite experience was exaggerated— but not as much as you might think.

A queen termite lays thousands of eggs per year, as many as 2,000 eggs in a single day.  In some termite species the queen may live for 25-30 years.  A native subterranean termite colony may contain anywhere from 60,000 to a million of the wood-munching little building-wreckers.  The most voracious variety—the dreaded Formosan termite— may have two to ten million insects in a single colony.  Left unchecked, Formosan termites can extensively damage a wood-framed structure in as little as six months.

A mature Formosan termite colony may devour up to a pound of wood per day!

Termites are especially destructive in warm, humid climates like Louisiana, Florida, and Hawaii.  One wood builder from Hawaii once jokingly told me that by the time he finished the top step of a staircase he was building, termites had already eaten away the two bottom steps.  (That’s exactly why he had switched to metal buildings.)

A prefab steel building not only saves the owner from costly termite treatments with harsh or dangerous chemicals, but can also save thousands of out-of-pocket dollars in costly repairs caused by the insidious insects.

The best way to defeat termites is not to give them a food supply – just get a RHINO pest proof building.

No termite can make a meal of steel!

While Popeye had to build from scratch, today’s builders have the advantage of using prefab metal building systems like RHINO to make their building projects go together quickly and easily.

All the steel framing pieces are precision cut to length, welded, drilled, and marked at a factory, then shipped directly to your job site for simple bolt-and-screw together construction.  RHINO’s framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all your local building requirements for the life of the structure.  Each prefab metal building kit is stamped by an engineer licensed in your state.

Eighty-three years after his triumphant debut, Popeye is very much a sailor of today.  He has sailed boldly forward to meet the new information age head on.  With a can of spinach in one hand, a computer mouse in the other hand, and his lean lanky sweetheart at his side, Popeye is now navigating the uncharted seas of cyberspace with his own website and Facebook page.

Just remember Popeye the next time you are planning to build and take his advice…

Eat your spinach and build with a prefab steel building system!

A RHINO Steel Building Specialist can answer all your metal building questions, help you select the perfect size for your project, and prepare a fast, friendly quote. 

Call RHINO today, toll free: 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc