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Why Is Green Building So Important?

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April 3, 2015

Green Building Choices Stretch Our Natural Resources

Our last post covered the meaning of environmentally- friendly “green building.” Now let’s look at the reasons building green is so important.

Why Build GreenLeaving a Legacy

The goal of all eco-conscious strategies is simple: find ways to meet our present needs without sacrificing future needs.

Our resources are finite.

Forests are dwindling. Urban sprawl gobbles up more undeveloped land acre by acre. Non-renewable fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal diminish by the day. Even fresh water resources are ebbing away drop by drop.

Conservation is no longer an option; it is an obligation to future generations.

The Impact of Building in the U.S.

Each year Americans build approximately 1.44 million new housing units and 177,000 new commercial buildings.

The effects of buildings on the environment are huge. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. account for the following:

• 39% of our total energy used
• 72% of our total electrical consumption
• 38% of all carbon dioxide emissions
• 12% of total water usage

How can we, in good conscience NOT implement green building techniques in all new construction? Choosing to build with long-lasting, eco-friendly, energy-efficient building products will:

• Preserve natural resources
• Dramatically reduce energy consumption
• Promote good health and productivity
• Improve comfort and indoor air quality
• Decrease dependence on foreign fuel imports
• Stretch landfill space
• Attract eco-conscious customers and renters
• Reduce greenhouse emissions
• Conserve water
• Pay off financially by lowering operating costs

Building Green with Steel Structures

Building with recycled steel creates energy-conserving buildings for:

• Businesses
• Churches
• Farms and ranches
• Homes
• Industries
• Municipal structures
• Recreational buildings
• Schools

Help save the planet! Build eco-friendly, energy-efficient, prefabricated steel structures like those available from RHINO.

Call today for details on how you can build green with RHINO steel buildings. The RHINO toll-free number is 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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