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7 Types of Pre-Engineered Red-Iron Steel Buildings- Part 3

Tapered Column Steel Buildings

The first two parts of this series on prefabricated steel buildings covered clear span vs. modular span framing and the benefits of straight column framing. Now we’ll look at the strengths of tapered steel column framing.

7 Types of Framing for RHINO Pre-engineered Steel BuildingsA TAPERED COLUMN metal building system provides the widest possible spans without the need for interior supports. They are more economical on larger clear span designs than straight column framing, since building tapered columns use less steel.

Tapered column framing works well for buildings needing the maximum amount of clearance at the center of the structure, like…

  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Riding Arenas
  • Indoor Pools
  • Indoor Tennis Courts
  • Larger Churches
  • Manufacturing Plants requiring an overhead cranes
  • Recreational Facilities

Building tapered columns are normally the best choice for clear span buildings up to 150’ wide. However, larger clear span structures of 200’ wide or more can be designed on a custom order.

(The “peak” or center of the gable roof customarily runs down the center of the structure, but off-center peaks are also available.)

The Right Steel Building Framing System for Any Application

Virtually any size building you need is possible with one of RHINO’s seven types of metal building systems. Our cutting-edge steel design technology allows us to very quickly create the ideal metal building for you. All structural packages are optimized to bring you the strongest building at the most affordable price.

Whether you plan a mega-sized warehouse or aircraft hangar, a medium-sized commercial or office building, or a small backyard storage building and garage, RHINO has a metal building system to fit your requirements.

Call RHINO for a Free Quote

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