Metal Buildings for Louisiana

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Strong and Durable Louisiana Metal Buildings for the Pelican State

Louisiana’s location on the Gulf of Mexico creates a subtropical climate that produces lush, green coastal bayous, full of wildlife— and gas and petroleum. Its location also makes Louisiana vulnerable to vicious thunderstorms and powerful hurricanes.

Steel Buildings LouisianaHurricane Katrina produced havoc and devastation across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast in August 2005, striking at the heart of New Orleans. Overall, the storm impacted over 90,000 square miles. Over 1,500 people in Louisiana alone died during Katrina. Hundreds of thousands of people in the area became refugees overnight.

People in Louisiana will never again take building strength for granted.

RHINO Creates Formidable Louisiana Steel Buildings for Hurricane-Prone Areas

RHINO-tough prefabricated metal buildings in Louisiana provide the strength and endurance. Manufactured in a quality-controlled factory, each metal building meets or exceeds the building code for the parish. RHINO steel buildings in Louisiana assure the highest value at an economical price which include structures like:

  • Pole Barns in Louisiana
  • Steel Warehouses for Louisiana
  • Steel Industrial Buildings in Louisiana
  • Steel Church Buildings for Louisianan
  • Louisiana Steel Aircraft Hangars
  • Recreational Buildings for Louisiana
  • Prefabricated Steel Buildings in Louisiana
  • Metal Garages in Louisiana
  • Louisiana Metal Storage Buildings
  • Louisianan Indoor Horse Arenas
  • Steel Commercial Buildings in Louisiana
  • Agricultural Steel Buildings for Louisianan
  • Metal Barns in Louisiana

Formosan Termites Eating Away at Metal Buildings in Louisiana

Another enemy of Louisiana construction is the voracious Formosan subterranean termite (FST). In the humid climate of New Orleans, the FST racks up in excess of $300 million dollars in damages each year, with another $200 million of destruction across the rest of the state.

No termite— even a Formosan termite— can make a meal of RHINO steel.

Not All Louisiana Metal Buildings are Alike

While all Louisiana steel buildings offer advantages over typical wood construction, other metal buildings for Louisiana do not include all the value-added features of a RHINO building package. Our building kits are environmentally friendly. They assemble quickly, save time, and last long. RHINO prefabricated steel buildings for Louisiana also include extra protection from:

  • Condensation
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Mold
  • Rain
  • Rot
  • Termites
  • Wind

Discover the difference a RHINO prefabricated steel building can make for your next construction project. For more information and a free quote on one of our metal building kits in Louisiana, call us today at 888.320.7466.


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