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A Tribute to American Gas Stations

From Crude Wood Sheds to Sleek Steel Stores Gas stations today are so common and convenient, we never give them a thought— until we run low on fuel.  Yet, they hold a fascinating place in American history. The Quest for Petro Early motorists hauled fuel in cans or buckets from wherever they could find it available at hardware stores, pharmacies,… Read More
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Five Reasons Metal Aircraft Hangars Rule

Why Aviators Choose Steel Hangars to Protect Their Planes Time and time again, aviators choose metal aircraft hangars to protect their flying investments.  Rigid-frame pre-engineered steel hangars provide the strongest possible shelters for planes, helicopters, and gliders. Although steel structures of all kinds provide many excellent benefits over construction methods, these five steel building advantages stand out to fliers: #1:… Read More

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Metal Buildings Cut Costs Today and Tomorrow

Save Money on Construction and Operating Costs with PEMBs Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) cost less to buy and build that other traditional buildings systems.  However, that is just half the story.  PEMBs continue to save you money after construction. How Metal Buildings Cut Material Costs There is a reason you never see a high-rise building framed with lumber or concrete. The same incredible strength that supports today’s skyscrapers also frames over 50% of today’s commercial low-rise structures and 95% of… Read More

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Steel Building Resale Shops

Housing Yesterday’s Treasures in Today’s Metal Buildings At first glance, steel building resale shops sound like a contradiction.  Shouldn’t antique, collectible, and memorabilia merchandise be relegated to dusty old wood or brick structures of the past? Absolutely not! Like any other retail business, attractive displays and well-planned traffic flow are paramount for success.  However, the biggest challenge for resellers comes from the way they receive their merchandise. Retail businesses simply order what they need in large quantities, displaying as needed… Read More

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Stronger Buildings for Stronger Storms

Hurricane-Resistant Construction Starts with Steel Buildings As we saw last year with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, today’s stronger storms call for stronger buildings.  Hurricane-resistant construction starts with pre-engineered steel buildings. 2018 Hurricane Season Forecast Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.  However, as we have seen this week with Subtropical Storm Alberto, nature ignores man’s calendar.  Alberto rained havoc on Florida’s panhandle.  A falling tree killed two journalists covering Alberto in North Carolina. The… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Maryland

The First Choice for Construction in Maryland In a state known for its leadership and innovation, metal buildings in Maryland make perfect sense.  As the leader and innovator in low-rise construction, pre-engineered steel buildings uniquely meet the construction needs of the region. A History of Advancement Maryland takes a back seat to no one in embracing the future.  Indeed, Maryland’s history proves that the state often leads the charge for progress. The following is just a short list of Maryland’s… Read More

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From Dream to Reality with Steel Buildings

RHINO: Making Your Building Dreams Come True Make your dream construction project a reality with attractive and affordable pre-engineered steel buildings. Are you dreaming of a multi-car garage with oodles of storage space?  Or are you imagining building your own self-storage business or other commercial enterprise?  Or are you picturing a bigger warehouse for your expanding import business? Then do it up right— build it with steel. Steeling into Your Dreams Pre-engineered steel buildings work like a dream.  Just check… Read More

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Steel Stables and Horse Barns

7 Reasons Discriminating Equestrians Choose Metal Buildings After the exciting win by Justify at the 144th Kentucky Derby earlier this month, now seems the perfect time to discuss stables and horse barns.  Steel buildings are the clear winners in the structural “run for the roses” of equestrian operations. And with an estimated 9.2 million horses living in the U.S., stables and horse barns are just the beginning. Many larger equestrian operations also employ steel buildings as covered or indoor riding… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Pharmacies

Steel Buildings: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Drug Stores There are so many reasons to choose pre-engineered steel buildings for pharmacies.  And as the need for additional pharmacies rises, more companies are choosing to build prefabricated commercial steel drug stores. Overview of the Pharmacy Market America’s population is graying rapidly.  As the baby boomer generation ages, demands on all medical services— including pharmacies— are increasingly rapidly.  Here’s why: In 1950, 12.3 million Americans were 65 or older. By 2020,… Read More

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Nothing Can Make a Meal of a Steel Building

How Metal Buildings Beat Wood-Eating Creepy Crawlers A steel building offers many advantages over a wood building.  Lumber simply cannot compete with steel’s strength and durability. However, one of the strongest arguments for building with steel instead of wood is that steel does not invite creepy crawlers or critters to dinner. Organic Wood vs. Inorganic Steel Wood is organic.  It comes from living organisms: trees. As an organic material, lumber is edible.  It presents a tasty treat to many living… Read More

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Steel Building Sandwich Shops

If You Build It, They Will Come! A steel building and a sandwich shop make the perfect pairing for budding entrepreneurs. So what makes pre-engineered steel buildings and sandwich shops the best idea since sliced bread? The Sandwich Market First of all, Americans are positively mad for sandwiches.  In fact, Americans consume 300 million sandwiches every day!  That’s almost 92% of the entire U.S. population! Secondly, Americans buy the majority of those bread-stuffed wonders from the nearest sandwich shop or… Read More

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Building Boat and RV Storage with Steel

Cash In by Building Metal Toy Boxes for Grown-Up Toys Smart self-storage facility operators include boat and RV storage space in their facilities.  And the really smart facilities build those recreational storage units with pre-engineered steel buildings. Recreational vehicle owners sink lots of money into their leisure toys.  They need convenient and secure space to safely store their down time investments.  Moreover, boat and RV storage tenants usually prove to rent space far longer than smaller unit renters do. The… Read More

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