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Keep Them Smiling in a Steel-Framed Dental Office

Building a Dental Facility with the Strength of Steel Build your dental practice and your office with a cost-efficient steel-framed office.  Dentists can really sink their teeth into the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings. Why Now is the Time to Build a New Dental Practice According to the latest data, there are almost 200,000 working dentists now practicing in the… Read More
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RHINO Steel Buildings: A Proven Track Record

Celebrating 20 Years as a Premier Steel Building Brand With twenty years of successful operation behind us, RHINO steel buildings have earned a reputation of excellence.  By focusing on providing above-and-beyond customer service and high-quality metal building kits, we have gained a loyal customer base. How do we know our customers are pleased with our products and service?  They tell… Read More

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The Wonders of Water and Steelmaking

Conserving Water in Homes and in Steelmaking Water.  We nourish our bodies with it, water our crops and houseplants with it, and even bathe in it  We clean our homes, our cars, our clothes, and our pets in it.  Where would be without fresh, clean water every day? Doesn’t it make sense to take full advantage of the wonders of life-giving water? 11 Health Benefits of Water These fabulous benefits of staying hydrated should have everyone running for a tall… Read More

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Banking on Steel Buildings

Financial Institutions Branch Out with Secure Steel Buildings Financial institutions bank on prefabricated steel buildings for protection.  Whether the building houses the main bank or one of the smaller neighborhood branches, banks and other financial institutions rely on the strength, durability, and security of pre-engineered metal buildings. A Brief Banking History of the U.S. Did you know the Continental Congress established the first chartered bank in the U.S. in 1784?  Here are a few more American banking firsts: In 1791,… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Earthquakes

Designing Solid Structures for Shaky Ground The performance of pre-engineered steel buildings in earthquakes is nothing short of amazing. How do we know? Building code officials and structural engineers study the performance of various building types under duress.  After every natural calamity, they examine which buildings failed and which withstood the stresses forced on them.  Their goal is to insure life safety in the event of extreme conditions.  Consequently, they take what they learn from natural disasters and amend building… Read More

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15 Reasons for the Popularity of the PEMB

Why Would You Build with Anything Else? A pre-engineered metal building, also known as a PEMB, saves you time, money, and hassles.  Is it any wonder that steel now frames over 66% of all new low-rise commercial and industrial projects? So why should you use a PEMB for your next construction project?  The following fifteen reasons show why PEMBs are the clear winner among popular construction companies. A PEMB Saves Time Look at the ways a pre-engineered metal building kit… Read More

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Steel Buildings in New Hampshire

7 Ways Metal Buildings Meet the Needs of the Granite State Pre-engineered steel buildings in New Hampshire— and all across New England—deliver the best building bang-for-your-buck.  Whether commercial, industrial, or a personal use building, you can depend on the strength of steel. 7 Reasons to Choose Prefabricated Steel Buildings in New Hampshire Steel buildings offer many unbeatable benefits, including the following: Cost Efficient: Building owners find pre-engineered metal buildings cost less to buy, construct, maintain, operate, and expand than other… Read More

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Build with Steel and Avoid Termiticides

Why Metal Buildings Do Not Need Chemical Termite Treatments There are only two ways to avoid chemical termite treatments completely: build in Alaska or build with steel. Alaska is the only state free from termite problems.  (The frigid winters kill any termites that wander into the state.) And no termite can make a meal of steel. Wood is Good—for Termites! Termites feed on wood.  Building with wood extends an open dinner invitation to termites. In lumber-framed structures, there are two… Read More

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Recycled Steel: Trash Reborn

Why Steel Reigns as the King of Green Building Recycled steel continues to reign supreme as the king of all recycled materials. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Steel Recycling Institute.  Consequently, now seems like the perfect time to review the impressive record of steel recycling in the U.S. Steel’s Recycling Edge Three attributes of steel give it an edge over other recycled materials. First of all, recycling steel does not change its strength.  No matter how many… Read More

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A Tribute to American Gas Stations

From Crude Wood Sheds to Sleek Steel Stores Gas stations today are so common and convenient, we never give them a thought— until we run low on fuel.  Yet, they hold a fascinating place in American history. The Quest for Petro Early motorists hauled fuel in cans or buckets from wherever they could find it available at hardware stores, pharmacies, blacksmith shops, or livery stables.  Horse-drawn wagons with tanks delivered the fuel to their commercial customers for resale to motorists.… Read More

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Five Reasons Metal Aircraft Hangars Rule

Why Aviators Choose Steel Hangars to Protect Their Planes Time and time again, aviators choose metal aircraft hangars to protect their flying investments.  Rigid-frame pre-engineered steel hangars provide the strongest possible shelters for planes, helicopters, and gliders. Although steel structures of all kinds provide many excellent benefits over construction methods, these five steel building advantages stand out to fliers: #1: SPACE Planes require large obstruction-free space for maximum maneuverability.  The bigger the aircraft, the more room is needed. Steel’s superb… Read More

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Metal Buildings Cut Costs Today and Tomorrow

Save Money on Construction and Operating Costs with PEMBs Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) cost less to buy and build that other traditional buildings systems.  However, that is just half the story.  PEMBs continue to save you money after construction. How Metal Buildings Cut Material Costs There is a reason you never see a high-rise building framed with lumber or concrete. The same incredible strength that supports today’s skyscrapers also frames over 50% of today’s commercial low-rise structures and 95% of… Read More

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