Metal Storage Buildings

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Whether you are storing furniture, surplus inventory for a business, farm equipment, or other high-value items, you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most important possessions will be safe. With the many unique protective features included as standard on all our buildings, RHINO is the smart choice for all metal storage buildings, whether for personal or commercial use.

Nothing protects your valuables from the elements better than RHINO’s rugged, durable steel sheds for sale. The strength of steel provides greater protection from wind, rain and condensation, snow, earthquakes, termites, fire, lightning, mold, and pests than any other building material.

RHINO Steel Building Systems are easy to afford and simple to assemble. Our prefabricated steel framing is crafted from high-quality commercial-grade steel. Each component is cut to the proper length, welded to the correct shape, drilled for quick bolt-together connections, and painted to protect against the elements. The prefabricated kit is created at the nearest RHINO’s shipping location and delivered directly to the job site, ready to unload and assemble.

Our exclusive ridge caps are die-formed to exactly fit the shape of the roofing panels, providing tighter roof seals to prevent damage from the elements. The roofing and wall panels themselves are designed to overlap better for a tighter seal and a stronger seam and come with a 25-year warranty. The closure strips for the base, the top of the wall, and underneath the roofing supply additional waterproofing protection. RHINO steel buildings come standard with special formed-base trim designed to eliminate rust issues common with many ordinary metal buildings. This is especially important in protecting valuables stored over an extended period of time. All of these extra benefits are standard features with the RHINO building package.

Our steel storage buildings are often insulated for even better protection against harsh elements and long-term energy savings. Ask about the Rhino Pro-Value Insulation System preferred by many of our metal building customers, available in R-19 to R-30 for walls and R-20 to R-40 for roof systems. Storage and mini-storage facility owners will be able to bring the ultimate in building security to their customers when they build with RHINO.

Self-storage facilities are a highly profitable, providing the highest return on investment of any real estate business. You might be surprised to learn that 90% of self-storage businesses are owned by small business investors, not giant corporations like U-Haul and Public Storage.

Interior dividing panels are also available from RHINO for the self-storage industry, making our steel sheds for sale ideal for commercial metal storage buildings.

Call your RHINO today to speak with an expert metal building consultant about your storage, self-storage, or mini-storage building requirements, toll free at 888.320.7466 or 940.383.9566.

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