Types of Steel Buildings

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Metal Buildings for the Auto Repair Industry

High-Tech Auto Technicians Housed in High-Tech Buildings Today’s automobiles contain many highly technical and computer-controlled.  Auto repair work in the 21st century requires, high-tech diagnostic equipment, highly trained mechanics— and economical computer-designed metal buildings. The 21st Century Automobile Years ago, anyone with a smattering of mechanical experience could open a little auto repair shop and stay busy.  Many amateur “shade tree mechanics” handled their own car repairs. Those days are gone. As in almost every other field, rapidly progressing technology… Read More

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Using Pre-engineered Metal Buildings as Auto Repair Shops

Building or Expanding an Auto Repair Shop for Today’s Market Now is a terrific time to start an auto repair shop— or to expand an existing repair business— with steel prefabricated garages or repair shop metal buildings. Why?  People are delaying buying another car or truck.  Many are opting for less expensive used cars over premium new cars when they do decide purchase another vehicle. Older cars on the road inevitably lead to more upkeep, maintenance, and repairs.  Auto mechanic… Read More

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177 Commercial Uses for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

I have discussed in earlier blogs the many benefits provided by pre-engineered commercial steel buildings.  (See “Why You Should Buy a Prefab Steel Buildings.”) I also covered “The Amazing Versatility of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings” in a recent article.  Check out this list of low-rise applications for commercial prefab buildings. Commercial Aviation Buildings • Aircraft Hangars • Corporate Offices • Helicopter Hangars • Maintenance and Repair Buildings • Multi-Purpose Structures • Private Jet Terminals • Shade Structures Commercial Retail Applications • “Big-Box” Warehouse-Style Retailers • Advertising Specialty Shops • Antique Stores… Read More

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Why Pre-engineered Steel Commercial Buildings Dominate the Market

Today, builders frame all superstructures like high-rise apartments, bridges, and multi-storied office buildings with steel.  Those huge, gigantic edifices would not be possible without the superior strength of steel.  Steel commercial buildings lead the low-rise, one and two-story market, too. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, about 170,000 new commercial buildings are constructed each year.  Steel framing accounts for 70%-80% of those buildings. Why Builders Choose Pre-engineered Steel Commercial Buildings Smart commercial builders choose pre-engineered commercial buildings to save… Read More

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The Benefits of a Metal Building System

The Faster Way to Get Commercial Steel Buildings Up and Running A pre-engineered metal building system brings substantial benefits to the commercial market.  The speedier construction time probably matters most to business owners and commercial property investors. The faster a commercial building is constructed, the less the labor costs— and the quicker the enterprise opens for business to start generating profits. A Metal Building System Uses Fewer Pieces for a Stronger Frame One of the benefits of a steel construction system is… Read More

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Steel Storage Buildings for RVs and Boats

Americans take their recreation very seriously.  Almost nine million households in the U.S. own a recreational vehicle.  Nearly seventeen million Americans own a boat.  As much as we love all the camping and boating fun, RVs and boat storage can be challenging. Steel storage buildings kits offer the best solution for boat and RV protection. Residential Steel Storage Buildings Having your own metal RV garages for your RV or boat storage buildings is, of course, ideal. Pre-engineered steel storage building… Read More

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Steel Self-Storage Buildings for Entrepreneurs

Starting a Self-Storage Business for Residential and Commercial Clients Now is a terrific time to start a self-storage business— or to expand an existing operation— with pre-engineered steel self-storage buildings.  Why? A self-storage business is a great real estate investment for novice business people Self-storage offers a good return on the initial investment Interest rates are incredibly low Self-storage owners report 85-90% occupancy An Excellent Time to Buy Metal Self-Storage Buildings Self-storage flourishes during times of change.   The recent economy… Read More

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Building a Business with Pre-engineered Self-Storage Metal Buildings

The modern self-storage industry was born to save the American packrats from themselves— and make a tidy profit in the bargain.  Pre-engineered self-storage metal buildings quickly dominated the industry. Everyone means to get rid of all the stuff… someday.  In the meanwhile, they continue to procrastinate, drowning in their own debris.  Eventually it becomes so stressful they must buy a larger home and move all that stuff, or gather the gumption and jettison the junk— or find somewhere else to… Read More

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Self-Storage Buildings: Containers for Overflow

Americans’ Love of “Stuff” Births the Self-Storage Building Industry It seems “stuff” is taking over our lives.  We start out by shoving it in a closet.  When that is full, we begin dragging junk to the garage, basement, attic, or a guest bedroom.  Soon every available space bursts with stuff.  As always, American entrepreneurs saw a need and came up with a moneymaking solution: self-storage buildings. Finally, we could keep all our beloved stuff— and still get it out from underfoot. Self-Storage… Read More

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Multi-Purpose Steel Storage Buildings for Packrats

What to Do When There’s No More Space Remember Captain James T. Kirk’s famous “Star Trek” opening: “Space, the final frontier.”  Decades later we still long desperately for space— space to put all our stuff!  Where can you put your “Star Trek” collectables, your woodworking tools, your wife’s craft supplies, or Granny’s antique quilt box?  Pre-engineered steel storage buildings are a terrific way to shelter your treasures. Explore strange new worlds of added space, seek out new unclutteredness, boldly go… Read More

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