Types of Steel Buildings

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Why Steel is the Best Deal for Oil and Gas Buildings

Today’s Energy-Efficient Metal Buildings for the Energy Industry Oil and gas buildings need to be efficient, economical, and expandable. No other construction method meets the energy industry’s criteria as well as pre-engineered steel buildings. The Efficiency of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings The energy industry moves fast. Getting operations up and running quickly is essential. Delays waste money. Technological advances in steel production, engineering software, and framing fabrication, make today’s steel buildings the most efficient construction system ever devised. Every steel structure… Read More

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Steel Homes: Think Outside the Box- Part 6

Using Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems to Build Metal Homes Did you know many people choose pre-engineered steel building systems to build their own steel homes? Who wouldn’t want all the benefits of steel buildings for their home? Pre-engineered steel buildings dominate the agricultural, commercial, and industrial low-rise construction markets. Why? Steel buildings offer wonderful advantages over other building methods. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide: STRENGTH: No other building material matches the strength of steel. DURABILITY: No other building method outlasts steel.… Read More

In Industrial Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

The Many Uses for Industrial Metal Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Dominate the Industrial Building Market In earlier blogs, we enumerated fourteen reasons for choosing industrial metal buildings. Our last blog discussed the green building benefits of steel industrial buildings. However, there is another advantage for choosing steel framing for industrial structures. Versatility allows pre-engineered steel buildings to adapt to every industrial building need. That’s the major reason steel frames 95% of all new industrial construction today. The Perfect Building System for Every Use Industrial businesses include anything… Read More

In Industrial Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

7 More Reasons to Choose Steel Industrial Buildings

The Surprising Flexibility of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings In our last blog, we covered seven ways steel industrial buildings provide unlimited possibilities at an economical price. However, these are just a few of the many reasons metal buildings hold a 95% market share in industrial construction. Here are seven more benefits provided by pre-engineered metal industrial buildings: The Versatility of Pre-engineered Steel Industrial Buildings #1. FRAMED OPENINGS: The strength of steel allows for larger openings than other building methods. Maneuverability of… Read More

In Industrial Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

7 Reasons to Choose Steel Industrial Buildings

Industrial-Strength Buildings for the Industrial Market Steel industrial buildings reign in today’s market. Steel-framed buildings account for an astounding 95% of all new industrial construction. Why is steel the building material of choice in almost all industrial construction? That’s easy to answer: it’s the bottom line. Metal industrial buildings cost less to buy, construct, and operate than other building systems. The Unlimited Possibilities of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Industry #1. Although industrial operations might be small or large in scope,… Read More

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Steel Barns: Making a Red Barn Green

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Eco-friendly Metal Buildings Strong, durable and recyclable pre-engineered steel barns and agricultural buildings make it easy to be “green.” The environmental benefits of metal buildings make them with favorite for rural dwellers and city dwellers alike. This Land is Your Land Farmers and ranchers respect the land. Their very existence depends on the earth’s bounty. Being “green” comes naturally to them. That is just one of the many reasons so many ranchers and farmers make… Read More

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Why Ranchers Love Steel Barns and Riding Arenas

The Benefits of Metal Buildings for Horse and Cattle Ranchers When it is time to rebuild or expand, smart ranchers choose pre-engineered steel barns and metal structures. Metal barns, steel riding arenas and stables, serve ranch operations better— and much longer— than structures built with other materials. Pre-engineered steel buildings are easy to afford, easy to erect, and easy to maintain. Pre-engineered Metal Barns and Ranch Buildings Save TIME Cattle ranchers and horse breeders want to spend their time working… Read More

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Metal Barns and Buildings for Rural Life

Pre-engineered Steel Shelters Down on the Farm Today’s modern farmers overwhelmingly choose pre-engineered metal barns and agricultural buildings. They rely on the affordability, flexibility, and durability of steel barn and farm building construction. Family Farming: Steel Going Strong Families have always been the backbone of American farming. In the past, a working farm often remained in a family for generations. People assume today’s huge farm enterprises are mostly corporate operations. Farming today is still predominately a family business. Families and… Read More

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Metal Barns for Agricultural Businesses

Farmers Were the First to See the Benefits of Steel Buildings There’s a reason so many of today’s farmers and ranchers choose to build pre-engineered metal barns: they are smart business people. Today’s agribusiness professionals know a great deal when they see one. RHINO metal barns and ag structures offer the best deal in steel. The Evolution of the Barn in America Even from the early days of American farming, the barn has been the heart of farms and ranches.… Read More

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Using a Metal Building for a Lake Cabin

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings as Vacation Getaways Have you ever considered using a metal building for a lake cabin or vacation home? Many people now choose pre-engineered steel buildings to frame lake cottages, hunting cabins, and vacation hideaways. Many benefits make steel buildings overwhelmingly popular for commercial structures. Vacation homebuyers want the same advantages for their homes-away-from-home. Why Choose a Metal Building for a Lake Cabin? These are just a few of the reasons steel buildings work very well as second… Read More

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