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Building a Business with Pre-engineered Self-Storage Metal Buildings

The modern self-storage industry was born to save the American packrats from themselves— and make a tidy profit in the bargain.  Pre-engineered self-storage metal buildings quickly dominated the industry. Everyone means to get rid of all the stuff… someday.  In the meanwhile, they continue to procrastinate, drowning in their own debris.  Eventually it becomes so stressful they must buy a larger home and move all that stuff, or gather the gumption and jettison the junk— or find somewhere else to… Read More

In Storage Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

Self-Storage Buildings: Containers for Overflow

Americans’ Love of “Stuff” Births the Self-Storage Building Industry It seems “stuff” is taking over our lives.  We start out by shoving it in a closet.  When that is full, we begin dragging junk to the garage, basement, attic, or a guest bedroom.  Soon every available space bursts with stuff.  As always, American entrepreneurs saw a need and came up with a moneymaking solution: self-storage buildings. Finally, we could keep all our beloved stuff— and still get it out from underfoot. Self-Storage… Read More

In Storage Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

Multi-Purpose Steel Storage Buildings for Packrats

What to Do When There’s No More Space Remember Captain James T. Kirk’s famous “Star Trek” opening: “Space, the final frontier.”  Decades later we still long desperately for space— space to put all our stuff!  Where can you put your “Star Trek” collectables, your woodworking tools, your wife’s craft supplies, or Granny’s antique quilt box?  Pre-engineered steel storage buildings are a terrific way to shelter your treasures. Explore strange new worlds of added space, seek out new unclutteredness, boldly go… Read More

In Storage Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

Metal Storage Buildings for the Overstuffed

Too Much Stuff, Too Little Room Ever considered pre-fabricated metal storage buildings for stowing all the “stuff” in your life? Seems like Americans cannot avoid gathering stuff.  We buy stuff, collect stuff, and inherit stuff.  We give and receive stuff on every Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Groundhog’s Day.  Eventually we become overstuffed. Metal Storage Buildings Bring Instant Relief to the Chronically Overstuffed Think about all the advantages of having somewhere besides your home to store… Read More

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