Steel Framing 101

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Understanding Snow Loads in Construction

How Snow and Ice Stress Structural Integrity How much snow can a roof hold? Roof snow loads indicate the amount of additional force pressing down on a building when snow and ice pile up on the roof during winter storms. That sounds simple enough, right? Well there are a lot more variables than just the amount of snow on the roof. DENSITY: The density of the snow makes a significant difference in the weight of the snow. Typically, snow in… Read More

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7 Steel Building Maintenance Tips for Winter

How to Prepare Your Metal Building for Frigid Weather Proper steel building maintenance is simple and quick— but very important. Whatever the function of your metal building, it is in your best interest to protect your investment now. Preventing problems before they happen costs far less than making repairs later. Before the Weather Outside Turns Frightful… Fortunately, steel buildings require very little maintenance. Perform these seven easy tasks now to prepare your metal building for a problem-free winter: 1. START… Read More

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10 Tips for Pouring Metal Building Foundations

Constructing a Steel Building on a Firm Foundation As with any structure, foundations for steel framed buildings need to be firm and made right. First-rate concrete slab, pier, or perimeter wall promises solid support for the lives of the structures. Metal building foundations poured with poor-quality concrete promise nothing but problems. Don’t Cut Corners on Concrete Foundations Many do-it-yourselfers consider themselves capable of pouring their own metal building foundations. They poured the cement for their fence posts, didn’t they? And… Read More

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How to Find an Excellent Concrete Contractor

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Require Precise Foundation Work While all building projects benefit from well-laid foundations, hiring a trustworthy concrete contractor is especially important for pre-engineered steel buildings. Prefabricated metal buildings are designed, engineered, and manufactured to exacting tolerances. These structures go together only one way— the right way. Unlike lumber— which warps, twists, and creeps over time— steel buildings go up straight, square, and plumb and stay that way for decades. Consequently, steel framing requires a straight, square, and plumb… Read More

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Steel Building Foundation Facts

Foundation Options for Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Steel building foundation systems perform an incredibly important function. A firm, well-made foundation promises to support a metal building for decades of worry-free use. Basic Types Of Metal Building Foundation Systems Pre-engineered metal buildings typical use one of three building foundation systems: 1. Slab 2. Pier 3. Perimeter walls SLABS: Concrete slabs are the most popular choice for steel building foundations. A slab creates a concrete floor for the structure while supporting the steel… Read More

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Construction Permits for Metal Buildings

Part 2: Five Things Required to an Obtain Metal Building Permit To apply for construction permits you will need: 1. Your property deed with the legal description of the property 2. The size and intended use for the structure 3. Structural plans certified and stamped by an engineer licensed in that state 4. Location of the building on the property 5. Patience The building department makes sure your project meets all code, load, zoning, safety, size, aesthetic, and local requirements.… Read More

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Does a Steel Building Need a Building Permit?

Part 1: The Importance of Construction Permits for Metal Buildings Do you need a building permit to erect a pre-engineered steel building? Probably. Most local building authorities require construction permits for all new construction and remodel additions. While some rural areas may not need a building permit for agricultural steel buildings or storage structures, NEVER assume your structure is exempt. Why Do You Need a Building Permit? Building permits and inspections protect you from inferior construction. They make sure your… Read More

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Less is More with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Less Hassles and Headaches with Steel Building Systems Pre-engineered metal buildings distill the building process to its simplest form. Steel building systems by design eliminate the wasted materials, wasted time, and wasted motion so often a part of building. Whatever the application, choosing a dependable, easy-to-erect prefabricated metal building takes the stress out of construction. Why Less is MORE with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings It sounds like an oxymoron, but less really is more with RHINO steel building systems. LESS TIME:… Read More

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What Is a Pre-engineered Metal Building?

Solving the puzzle known as PEMB Which of the following do you think is the correct pre-engineered buildings definition? • A cost-efficient alternative building system to conventional construction • A steel building designed for the most efficient use of raw materials • A structural system generally including steel framing, roofing, and wall cladding • A structure built on site using prefabricated components • A simplified, streamlined building system designed for quick construction Actually, all of these pre-engineered building definitions describe… Read More

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Steel Homes: Think Outside the Box- Part 6

Using Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems to Build Metal Homes Did you know many people choose pre-engineered steel building systems to build their own steel homes? Who wouldn’t want all the benefits of steel buildings for their home? Pre-engineered steel buildings dominate the agricultural, commercial, and industrial low-rise construction markets. Why? Steel buildings offer wonderful advantages over other building methods. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide: STRENGTH: No other building material matches the strength of steel. DURABILITY: No other building method outlasts steel.… Read More

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