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How Cool Metal Roofing Saves Money on Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

More and more people now choose cool-coating steel roof panels to top their pre-engineered steel buildings.  In fact, cool metal roofing today account for 25%-30% of all steel metal roofing sales. What Is Cool Roofing For Metal Roof Insulation? A relatively new technology, “cool coating” allows steel roof panels to reflect 40%-50% of heat away from the building and back into the atmosphere. Discovered as a result of the military’s coatings developed for stealth aircraft, this infrared (IR) reflectivity innovation… Read More

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Exterior Panels for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Understanding Steel Roof and Wall Panel Metal Building Options Long-lasting and durable exterior steel panels adorn most pre-engineered steel buildings. Although commercial steel buildings can be finished in other building materials for a distinctive appearance, most metal building buyers still opt for steel panels as weather resistant siding. A far cry from the old “tin” sheet-metal building siding options of your grandpa’s day, the strong metal building panels used on modern pre-engineered steel buildings provide durable protection and lasting beauty… Read More

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