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How Cool Metal Roofing on Steel Buildings Saves the Environment

In the first article in this two part series, we discussed the ways cool metal roofing saves money on utility bills. However, cool-coated steel roofing also powerfully impacts the environment as an example of environmentally friendly roofing. COOL METAL ROOFING PANELS ON STEEL BUILDINGS: NOT A BLACK OR WHITE ISSUE We have always known a white roof is cooler than a dark roof, regardless of the roofing material. Just as you are cooler in the summer if you wear white… Read More

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How Cool Metal Roofing Saves Money on Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

More and more people now choose cool-coating steel roof panels to top their pre-engineered steel buildings.  In fact, cool metal roofing today account for 25%-30% of all steel metal roofing sales. What Is Cool Roofing For Metal Roof Insulation? A relatively new technology, “cool coating” allows steel roof panels to reflect 40%-50% of heat away from the building and back into the atmosphere. Discovered as a result of the military’s coatings developed for stealth aircraft, this infrared (IR) reflectivity innovation… Read More

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Exterior Panels for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Understanding Steel Roof and Wall Panel Metal Building Options Long-lasting and durable exterior steel panels adorn most pre-engineered steel buildings. Although commercial steel buildings can be finished in other building materials for a distinctive appearance, most metal building buyers still opt for steel panels as weather resistant siding. A far cry from the old “tin” sheet-metal building siding options of your grandpa’s day, the strong metal building panels used on modern pre-engineered steel buildings provide durable protection and lasting beauty… Read More

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