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METAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION THAT'S FASTER AND SMARTER WITH PRE FAB METAL BUILDINGS Saving time on a construction project is vital, because time really is money.  Pre-engineered metal buildings save time— and therefore money— many ways. The quicker metal building construction is completed, the less spent on builder’s insurance and labor. Faster construction means convenience for consumer building projects. However, time is even more critical for commercial or industrial ventures.  The faster a commercial or industrial building is completed, the sooner… Read More

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7 Reasons Builders Love Metal Building Systems

How Steel Buildings Save Contractors Both Time and Money For low-rise construction, builders most often choose pre-engineered metal building systems for their commercial and industrial clients.  Builders find the advantages of steel buildings work great for them— and for their customers.  It’s a win-win deal for everyone.  Here is why. 1. Metal building systems are easy to order. Once the builder has the architectural plans from the customer, ordering a pre-engineered metal building is easy.  RHINO Steel Building Systems’ efficient… Read More

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7 Benefits of Inorganic Prefab Steel Buildings

Why Pre-engineered Metal Buildings are the Smart Choice Steel has long been the preferred choice for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and institutional construction.  Because steel is inorganic, prefab steel buildings offer many advantages over an organic building material like wood. 1. Steel is consistent. Nature, while endlessly beautiful, creates organic materials which are endlessly variable and unique.  But such inconsistency does not make the best building material. No two species of wood are exactly alike in strength.  No two trees of… Read More

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The Amazing Versatility of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings: Chameleons of the Construction Market There is truly no building concept as versatile and economical as a pre-engineered metal building. Examples of RHINO Steel Buildings No matter what your structural needs, there’s sure to be a steel-framed RHINO building package to accommodate your requirements perfectly. From a small backyard workshop or RV garage, to a gigantic manufacturing plant or mega-warehouse, there’s a RHINO metal building that’s just right for every application. In fact, versatility is a major incentive… Read More

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Mold-Free Metal Buildings

Prevent mold and fungus by choosing pre-fabricated metal buildings. Mold is a fungus that thrives on two things: moisture and organic material. It breeds and spreads, filling the air you breathe with its insidious spores. Mold infiltrates a building so covertly. You don’t know it’s there until you suddenly spot “something” in that corner, or you notice a musty, earthy, odor like rotting leaves. Your eyes and nose are usually the first to pick up on the presence of a… Read More

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RHINO Metal Building Survives Derecho and Hurricane Sandy

RHINO Metal Building Takes Everything Nature Dishes Out There’s no doubt that 2012 has been a year for the weather record books.  There have been scorching temperatures, huge tornado outbreaks, damaging straight line winds— and then Hurricane Sandy.  Throughout it all, we have received only one report of ‘damage’ to a RHINO metal building: the little RHINO sign on the peak of a metal barn came off! The happy customer graciously contacted us to let us know how pleased he was with… Read More

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Defeating Termites with Spinach and Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefab Steel Buildings vs. Termites Most of us grew up seeing comics or cartoons of that intrepid, tattooed, nautical hero, Popeye the Sailorman.  You remember him— the swaggering one-eyed, spinach-loving, corncob-pipe-smoking, muscled mariner with the big heart and the goofy chuckle.  (Can’t you hear him singing his sailorman ditty in your head right now?) However, until recently I never realized what a true visionary Popeye is.  (And it isn’t easy to be a man a vision with one eye squinted… Read More

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Why You Should Buy Prefab Metal Buildings

We all make our buying decisions based on what is ultimately best for us.  So why would a prefab steel building be the best choice for you?  Let’s bottom line it. Look at the ways a metal building kit saves you time and money now, and future hassles. How Choosing Prefab Metal Buildings Saves You Time Prefab metal buildings are manufactured specifically for your structural needs and delivered quickly to your job site. A prefabricated steel building system erects faster… Read More

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