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77 Reasons to Choose Steel Buildings- Part 1

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings: The Best Building Value for Today and Beyond Pre-engineered steel buildings have long dominated agricultural and aviation construction. Now steel framing commands the lion’s share of commercial and industrial construction as well. Today steel frames almost 80% of all new commercial structures. Steel’s market share of industrial construction climbs even higher, with 95% of new industrial buildings now framed with steel. Shrewd business people choose metal buildings more than any other low-rise construction method. They depend on… Read More

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Benefits of Steel Buildings

When you are in need of a durable, expandable, inexpensive way to store something large, look into building a steel structure. Steel buildings have many benefits when it comes to purchase, construction, and usability. Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 3

Avoid Costly Chemical Treatments with Steel Buildings Pre-engineered metal buildings do not need to be treated with outgassing chemicals to ward off termites. No termites— even those voracious Formosan termites— can make a meal of steel. Think termites are a small problem? Think again. Termites: Little Enemies, Big Appetites In order to discourage termites and other insects, dangerous chemicals must be used to treat the lumber, the building, and the soil surrounding the structure. These deadly chemicals evaporate, affecting indoor… Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 2

Two Reasons Mold Does Not Grow in Steel Buildings As we discussed in the first article, pre-engineered metal buildings do not outgas and pollute indoor air like lumber and wood building materials do. However, that is only part of the story. Building with steel improves indoor air quality other ways, too. Steel is Mold Resistant There are over 100,000 types of mold. Like all growing things, mold needs two resources to start and flourish: food and water. Mold and mildew… Read More

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Steel Building Insulation Benefits We explain the benefits of adding insulation to your steel building project. (more…) Read More

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How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality Part 3

Part 3: An Exceptional Product at an Economical Price Pre-engineered steel buildings outperform all other building methods. In the first two articles of this three-part series, we examined wood-framed buildings and light gauge steel framing. This third and final article explains the advantages of prefabricated metal, rigid frame structures. The Uniformity of Prefabricated Rigid-Frame Metal Buildings There are no variations or unknowns in RHINO’s commercial-grade rigid building systems. Precisely manufactured to the exacting tolerances of strict industry guidelines, every steel member… Read More

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How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality Part 2

Part 2: The Pros and Cons of Light Gauge Steel Framing This second article in our three part series compares pre-engineered rigid-frame steel buildings to the advantages — and disadvantages of light gauge steel-framed buildings.  (See Part 1 and Part 3.) Light Gauge Metal Framing Some builders continue to use the same basic framing techniques as traditional wood building, substituting light gauge steel studs for wood studs. There are certainly benefits when using light-gauge steel over wood. Light-gauge is more… Read More

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How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality Part 1

Part 1: The Inconsistencies of Lumber This is the first of three articles explaining why pre-engineered rigid-frame steel buildings are the preferred method for low-rise construction. Below is a discussion of the problems inherent in wood framing. The second article highlights the pros and cons of light-gauge steel framing. The third article focuses on the many advantages afforded by prefabricated red-iron metal buildings. The Irregularities of Wood Framing Wood building is an imprecise discipline. It must approximate the framing loads… Read More

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Security of Steel Buildings

Variety of Structures Anyone considering buying or building steel buildings is likely concerned about security. Prefabricated metal structures are a fast and economical way to have storage for a variety of purposes, including housing livestock on a farm or storing airplanes at a landing field. Whatever the reason is to have a metal structure, owners want to know the items located inside are difficult for thieves to steal or vandalize. Rhino Steel Building Systems Inc. located in Denton, Texas, has… Read More

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How Do I Love Steel Buildings?

Let Me Count the Ways… Valentine’s Day seemed the perfect time to count the reasons our customers LOVE their RHINO steel buildings. How do we know? 1. They tell us how much they love their RHINO metal buildings. 2. They order more RHINO buildings. 3. They recommend RHINO to their friends, family, and business associates. 4. The people our customers refer to us also order RHINO steel buildings. Counting the Reasons People Love RHINO Metal Buildings The number of benefits… Read More

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