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RHINO Metal Buildings Slash Construction Time

Build Faster, Occupy Sooner with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings You can cut your construction time by one-third or more by choosing RHINO metal buildings. Why is construction time critical to a project? Because time truly is money. The quicker your commercial or industrial property is completed and occupied, the sooner you will be turning a profit. The longer a building project takes, the more you will pay in labor costs and construction insurance. Faster construction means less spent on job site… Read More

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Metal Buildings Provide 100% Usable Space

Unlimited Floor Plan Options with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings No other building system offers the spaciousness of pre-engineered metal buildings. Steel’s strength allows for completely open floor space, unencumbered by obstructing support columns or load-bearing walls. Let’s take a brief look at the evolution of building in the past 70 years. The Restrictions of Wood Framing Wood-framed structures and pole barns created most low-rise structures in the last century. Wood needed interior supports, restricting use and maneuverability. It also required constant… Read More

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Combating the Cost of Calamities with Steel Buildings

Metal Buildings Outperform Other Structures in Natural Disasters In the wake of the devastating natural disasters recently inflicted on the U.S., building stronger structures like steel buildings is vital. Choosing to build structures to stand up to Mother Nature at her worst just makes sense. Counting the Cost of Catastrophic Events The escalating cost of natural disasters in the U.S. boggles the mind. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), since 1980 the U.S. has suffered 170 weather related… Read More

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13 Reasons to Buy Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Steel Buildings Systems for Home or Business If you are planning to build a commercial building— or a structure personal use— pre-engineered metal buildings deliver the best building value. Here’s why your best building deal is steel: 1. Faster Delivery Using pre-engineered steel buildings saves time. Receive your RHINO building in five to seven weeks. 2. Faster Construction Mechanization shortens your building time. All the framing components arrive at your site cut, welded, punched, painted, clearly marked and ready to… Read More

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Uses and Benefits of Steel Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Dominate the Market You've seen steel buildings and are probably noticing more of them as they gain popularity as permanent, practical, and economical structures. These metal buildings are all around us in the form of garages, shops, warehouses, commercial/industrial buildings, recreational facilities, airplane hangers, fire stations, and agricultural buildings such as barns and implement sheds. The use of steel buildings has been favorable since post WWII, and steel building systems have been gaining widespread popularity since the 1970s.… Read More

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77 Reasons to Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings- Part 4

Metal Buildings: Building Green for Future Generations This series catalogs the reasons for choosing pre-engineered steel buildings. In the first three parts of the series, we covered the rewards prefabricated metal buildings provide during design, construction, and use. The customer’s benefits are just part of the story of steel. Some of the greatest attributes of steel buildings begin at the end of the structure’s life. Building Green with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Today it is more important than ever to think… Read More

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77 Reasons to Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings- Part 3

Metal Buildings: The Best Long-term Building Value We have shown some of the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings during designing and construction. However, the advantages of prefabricated metal buildings extend beyond today. Look at the many pluses metal buildings provide after occupancy. Value-Added Benefits of Steel Buildings during Use Part 1 and Part 2 of this series listed 36 benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings. Discover the advantages of owning a strong, durable, and versatile rigid-frame metal building: 37. Steel building… Read More

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77 Reasons to Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings- Part 2

Metal Buildings: The Best Building Value in Construction We discussed the benefits pre-engineered steel buildings provide during the planning, designing, and ordering phase of a building project in the first part of this series. In this second part of the series, we will look at the advantages metal buildings bring to the construction phase. Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings during Construction Pre-engineered metal buildings make the framing erection quick and easy. On smaller projects, many individuals elect to erect the… Read More

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77 Reasons to Choose Steel Buildings- Part 1

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings: The Best Building Value for Today and Beyond Pre-engineered steel buildings have long dominated agricultural and aviation construction. Now steel framing commands the lion’s share of commercial and industrial construction as well. Today steel frames almost 80% of all new commercial structures. Steel’s market share of industrial construction climbs even higher, with 95% of new industrial buildings now framed with steel. Shrewd business people choose metal buildings more than any other low-rise construction method. They depend on… Read More

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Benefits of Steel Buildings

When you are in need of a durable, expandable, inexpensive way to store something large, look into building a steel structure. Steel buildings have many benefits when it comes to purchase, construction, and usability. Read More

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