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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 1

Pros and Cons of Lumber vs Rigid-Frame Steel Construction Ever wonder about the pros and cons of wood vs. steel framing? It’s a clash of the titans. Paul Bunyan’s lumber-lovers face off against John Henry’s steel, prefab construction building fans. Let’s examine the facts, comparing traditional wood-framed building with rigid-frame, steel prefab construction. MARKET SHARE To start off, look at wood vs. steel buildings in the marketplace: WOOD framing holds a firm grip on the residential market. Homebuilders are generally… Read More

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What is a Steel Building System?

Defining a Pre-engineered Building System People think of a high-rise skyscraper as a steel building system. Yet 90% of commercial buildings are low-rise structures under 25,000 square feet. Steel pre-engineered buildings, commonly known as a PEBs, create a incredibly strong, long-lasting, affordable structures. The flexibility of PEBs make them the ideal building solution for most low-rise agriculrtual, aviation, commercial, industrial, recreational, and worship structures. What is a Pre-engineered Steel Building System? A steel building system is exactly that— a system.… Read More

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Metal Buildings Offer Unlimited Possibilities

Adaptable Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for Every Purpose With the uninitiated, there exists a misconception that all metal buildings are boxy, barn-like buildings. The uninformed perceive pre-engineered steel buildings as simple utilitarian structures, available only in pre-determined cookie-cutter sizes. Wake up and smell the cappuccino, my friends! Today’s pre-engineered metal buildings are all purpose, offering unlimited possibilities for every low-rise application. Whatever your structural needs, a prefabricated steel building accommodates your every requirement. Whether your building need is a detached home… Read More

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Baby Boomers Drive Need for Medical Buildings- Part 2

The Advantages of Building Healthcare Facilities with Steel As the multitudes of baby boomers march relentlessly toward 65, the need for more medical buildings increases, year by year. In 1950, 12.3 MILLION people in the U.S. were 65 or older In 2000, the number of senior Americans swelled to 25.0 MILLION. By 2030, after the last of the baby boomers hits 65, the senior ranks will swell to 72.1 MILLION. By 2050, the number of Americans 65 or older is… Read More

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Metal Buildings Save Money on Operating Costs

The Lifecycle Advantages of Pre-engineered Steel Structures Metal buildings save money on purchasing and construction. However, the greatest savings happen over the lifetime of the structure. Smart investors look not only at the initial costs of building, but also at the lifecycle costs. This cradle-to-the-grave philosophy counts the cost over the years of using the structure. Buying a cheap, inferior structure does not save in the long run if it costs too much to operate and maintain. Looking Beyond the… Read More

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7 Ways Steel Buildings Save Money on Construction

How Building Kit Construction Cuts Building Costs Well-made steel buildings save money when you buy, as you build, and as you occupy them. Steel building costs are lower when you buy, as you build, and as you occupy them. Let’s look at the ways metal building costs are lower during the construction of a pre-engineered metal building. Time Is Money in Construction The longer it takes to finish the building, the more the project costs. Pre-engineered steel buildings save money… Read More

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How Buying a Steel Building Saves Money

Cut the Purchase Price of a Structure with Steel Buying a steel building saves money during three phases: At the initial purchase During construction During use This blog covers how a reputable steel building company with a premium product cuts up-front costs. The next blog shows the reasons a steel building saves money during construction. The final blog explains how metal buildings save on operating costs. How Steel Buildings Provide the Best Price Pre-engineered metal buildings dominate the low-rise market… Read More

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Weld-Up or Bolt-Up Metal Buildings?

The Pros and Cons of Field-Welded and Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Internet chat rooms are filled with consumers trying to decide between weld-up and bolt-up metal buildings. Almost without exception, those responding advise choosing a pre-engineered bolt-up steel building system. (One man in Arizona reported building two steel hangars— one weld-up and one bolt-up. He said the weld-up hangar almost shook apart in high winds that did not faze the bolt-up hangar.) So what are the differences between the two structrual… Read More

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One Word Describes Metal Buildings: Efficient

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: A Streamlined System No other building material or structural system matches the efficiency of pre-engineered metal buildings. From the production of the steel to the completion of the structure, every phase of a prefabricated steel building project promises ultimate efficiency. What do we mean by metal building efficiency? The dictionary defines “efficient” as “productive without waste.” What a perfect definition of pre-engineered steel buildings! Steel building production wastes nothing. Efficient Steel Production Steel production techniques have made… Read More

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Build Your Own Pre-engineered Metal Building

Why Do-It-Yourselfers Love RHINO Steel Buildings Ever wonder if you could build your own metal building? Yes, you can! Over the years many individuals have elected to erect their RHINO steel building themselves. All the pieces of the framing kit are prefabricated. All the primary framing bolts together with high strength steel bolts and nuts. Everything arrives at the job site clearly marked for easy identification. RHINO metal buildings require no field cutting or punching. Even the clips are pre-welded… Read More

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