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Expanding Your Business in 2017

Part 1: 7 Ways to Grow Your Business this Year You’ve weighed the pros and cons of expanding your business. After careful consideration of the risks and rewards, you have decided to forge ahead. But what are the best ways for expanding your business? Every market and each business presents unique opportunities for growth. As the business owner, only you can determine the best course for your enterprise. Here are a few suggestions that may help spark ideas for expansion.… Read More

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How to Know When to Expand Your Business

Comparing the Risks and Rewards of Business Growth As a new year dawns on a thriving enterprise, you wonder whether it is time to expand your business. Always enthusiastic, entrepreneurs sometimes tend to lead with their hearts instead of their heads. Jumping too quickly into new business growth may put your entire operation at risk. Conversely, more conservative business owners may delay enlarging their business to avoid risk and miss great opportunities for increased revenues. So how do you know… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Auto Parts Stores

10 Reasons Auto Parts Store Owners Love PEMBs A pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) provides the benefits owners of auto parts stores require. Like all retailers, auto parts storeowners desire quality construction at an affordable price. PEMBs meet those criteria easily. Steel buildings deliver a low cost-per-square foot for framing materials and fast building erection. But as any savvy retail merchant knows, the initial cost is only one part of the equation when choosing a new building. To keep profit margins… Read More

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Steel Building Company Passes Milestone

RHINO Celebrates 18 Years in the Metal Building Business It’s hard to believe that it has already been eighteen years since we started RHINO Steel Building Systems. It’s been a great ride— we are just getting started! To celebrate, we thought we’d share the eighteen most popular reasons customers choose RHINO pre-engineered steel buildings again and again. 18 Reasons for RHINO’s Success HIGH-QUALITY SYSTEM: Weather-resistant, commercial-grade rigid steel framing NO COOKIE-CUTTER ORDERS: Each building designed to the customer’s exact specifications… Read More

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Steel: The All Purpose Building System

Whatever the Project, Build It with Steel Pre-engineered steel framing uses an all purpose building system that fits any low-rise construction project. Steel buildings generally cost less to construct and to operate than other traditional building systems. From a backyard workshop, to church sanctuary, to a massive distribution center— and everything in between— a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) can do it all. Specifically Designed There are no cookie-cutter steel buildings. Designed exactly to the customer’s specifications, every PEMB order meets… Read More

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Termites Cannot Make a Meal of a Steel Building

Wood Structures Invite Termites to Lunch Termites look so tiny and harmless. Don’t believe it. Those relentless wood-munching monsters lurk in dark places, quietly devouring every cellulose-filled object in their path. Outnumbered and Outflanked The sheer number of termites on this planet boggles the mind. Forty-five different species of termites inhabit the U.S. Worldwide, over 2,700 termite species exist. We are completely outnumbered in this fight. Experts estimate there are 1,000 pounds of termites for every human on earth. Termite… Read More

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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 2

Natural Challenges Facing Wood and Steel Buildings Part 1 of this series on wood versus steel buildings covered some of the basic material differences between the two building methods. Now let’s look at how wood and steel performance. When considering a building system, it is important to think long term. How safe is the structure? How will it hold up against earthquakes, fire, violent storms, and termites? TERMITES WOOD-framed structures invite termites, wood ants, and vermin in for a snack.… Read More

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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 1

Pros and Cons of Lumber vs Rigid-Frame Steel Construction Ever wonder about the pros and cons of wood vs. steel framing? It’s a clash of the titans. Paul Bunyan’s lumber-lovers face off against John Henry’s steel, prefab construction building fans. Let’s examine the facts, comparing traditional wood-framed building with rigid-frame, steel prefab construction. MARKET SHARE To start off, look at wood vs. steel buildings in the marketplace: WOOD framing holds a firm grip on the residential market. Homebuilders are generally… Read More

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What is a Steel Building System?

Defining a Pre-engineered Building System People think of a high-rise skyscraper as a steel building system. Yet 90% of commercial buildings are low-rise structures under 25,000 square feet. Steel pre-engineered buildings, commonly known as a PEBs, create a incredibly strong, long-lasting, affordable structures. The flexibility of PEBs make them the ideal building solution for most low-rise agriculrtual, aviation, commercial, industrial, recreational, and worship structures. What is a Pre-engineered Steel Building System? A steel building system is exactly that— a system.… Read More

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Metal Buildings Offer Unlimited Possibilities

Adaptable Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for Every Purpose With the uninitiated, there exists a misconception that all metal buildings are boxy, barn-like buildings. The uninformed perceive pre-engineered steel buildings as simple utilitarian structures, available only in pre-determined cookie-cutter sizes. Wake up and smell the cappuccino, my friends! Today’s pre-engineered metal buildings are all purpose, offering unlimited possibilities for every low-rise application. Whatever your structural needs, a prefabricated steel building accommodates your every requirement. Whether your building need is a detached home… Read More

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