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The RHINO Metal Building Ordering Process

5 Steps from Order to Delivery of a Prefabricated Steel Building We discussed how to get a RHINO metal building quote on our last blog. Now let’s look at what happens when you are ready to order your new RHINO steel building. There are five basic steps in the RHINO metal building ordering process. STEP 1: Confirm the Contract RHINO sends a detailed order form to you. The form contains all permanent information, size, local building codes, loads, with frame… Read More

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How to Get a Metal Building Quote

The Process of Pricing a Pre-engineered Steel Building You want an accurate metal building quote. Otherwise, how can you make an informed decision? There are two ways to insure a precise steel building quote: 1. Deal with a reputable metal building company with a solid track record. 2. Provide as much detailed information as possible. Understanding the Basics of Metal Buildings Before you decide on the size building you will need, consider how steel buildings are measured. Out-to-out measurement of… Read More

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Get Hooked on RHINO Steel Building Systems

RHINO: The Symbol of Quality-Made Metal Buildings When launching our fledgling metal building company in 1998, we choose RHINO Steel Building Systems for our company name. Branding is important in any enterprise. We wanted an easily recognizable brand identification. It needed to represent the strength and toughness of our prefabricated steel buildings. We became hooked on the idea of a rhinoceros as a company symbol. Today RHINO Steel Building Systems stands as a well-established name in metal buildings, with a… Read More

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Quality Control in Steel Building Fabrication

The Importance of AISC Certification to Metal Building Buyers The quality of a pre-engineered steel building ultimately rests with its fabricators. Poor steel building manufacturers produce sub-standard, problem-filled structures. Steel building fabricators with vision use stringent quality control systems to produce durable, dependable, problem-free metal buildings. Want assurance your steel building order is fabricated by quality-conscious professionals? Order from an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified fabricator. AISC: A Brief History In the early 1900s, no standards for steel… Read More

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Metal Buildings: Efficiency and the Bottom Line

How Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Save Money Now— and Later Pre-engineered metal buildings positively affect the construction bottom line. Even more importantly, steel building systems cut long-term operating costs. Cost Efficiency of Metal Buildings In part one of this series, we covered the incredible efficiency of modern steel production and pre-engineered metal building design, production, and delivery. What efficient building construction mean for the steel building buyer? By eliminating waste at every level of production, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a high-quality… Read More

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RHINO Steel Buildings Charges Ahead into 2015

Turning a Steely Eye to the Future of Prefabricated Metal Buildings As we bid farewell to 2014, we here at RHINO Steel Buildings turn expectantly toward an even brighter future in 2015. RHINO Steel Buildings: Grateful for 2014 Our sixteenth year in operation proved to be an exciting one. Sales continued to grow. The past year produced our second highest sales on record. We shipped a number of interesting and unusual buildings during 2014. A project shipped to Wisconsin last… Read More

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The Importance of Metal Building Opening Trim

The Finish Touch on a Well-Constructed Steel Building Metal building opening trim is just one of several elements separating a cheap-looking structure from an attractive and professional-looking steel building. All Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Are Not Alike Many metal building companies choose to cut corners to increase their profit margins. They think consumers will not notice the differences between their metal building packages and those of high-quality steel building packages. At RHINO, we believe perceptive, quality-conscious metal building buyers do their… Read More

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Can You Trust Your Steel Building Company?

Ask the Better Business Bureau Before You Buy Before you start comparing pre-engineered steel building quotes, you need to know which steel building manufacturers you can trust. For most people, the starting point on gauging the trustworthiness of any business is the Better Business Bureau. BBB: The Consumer’s Best Friend A non-profit organization founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) focuses on consumer protection. The BBB offers free business reviews to over 100 million discriminating consumers each year. The… Read More

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Dektite® Gives Metal Buildings the Boot

Premium Pipe Flashing Seals Steel Buildings Tight Corrugated steel roof panels on metal buildings present a challenge for pipes and flues. Creating custom-fabricated metal roof flashing for pipes protruding through the ribbed panels was once a major headache. Sealing pipes, flues, and ducts is a problem no more, thanks to an ingenious device called the Dektite® roof boot. A Revolution in Metal Roof Flashing The Dektite® roof boot consists of a rubbery cone sleeve, attached to a strong, yet flexible… Read More

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Ridge Caps- The Crowning Touch on Steel Buildings

RHINO’S DIE-FORMED METAL RIDGE CAPS LOCK OUT DRAFTS, RAIN, AND PESTS Ridge caps are the most critical step in enclosing a steel building roof system. Running along the peak of the roof, metal roof ridge caps connect the two adjoining steel roof panels on either side of the roof seam. Inferior metal ridge caps— or poorly installed ridge caps— mean constant headaches for the building’s owner. The Disadvantages of Flat Ridge Caps The standard ridge cap used by most pre-engineered… Read More

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