History of Steel

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Did You Know the White House is a Steel Building?

Renovating the American White House with the Strength of Steel Recent action-packed movie blockbusters like “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down” made me curious about the construction of the White House.  After 30-plus years in of the steel building business, it was no surprise to me to learn the White House is a type of steel building. However, it did not start out as a steel building. How the White House became a Steel Building Construction on the White… Read More

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A Steel Storage Building to the Rescue

How a Steel Warehouse Survived the San Francisco Earthquake After spending most of my adult life in the pre-engineered steel building business, I am always intrigued by the history of steel structures.  Recently I encountered a fascinating story about a steel storage building built in 1906. The great San Francisco earthquake struck on April 18, 1906.  Estimated by modern seismologists to have measured between 7.7 and 8.2 on today’s Richter Scale, the earthquake reduced the busy metropolis to rubble.  In… Read More

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