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What are PBR Steel Panels?

What are the Pros and Cons of PBR Panels on Metal Buildings? You have probably heard the term “PBR steel panels”— but what does PBR mean?  And what are the advantages and disadvantages of using PBR panels on a metal building? Steel panels create the “skin” or exterior of most RHINO brand steel buildings.  Panels cover both the roof and the walls of basic pre-engineered steel buildings. The high-tensile-strength steel panels of today’s steel buildings replace the old corrugated tin… Read More

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Fat Profits in Steel-Framed Sweet Shops

The Sweet Smell of Success Found in Donut and Coffee Shops Steel-framed buildings make ideal bakeries, donut shops, and coffee shops.  And there is no better time to cash in on a snack business than today.  Sales are high and the profit margin plump in sweet and coffee shops. A Quick Look at the Snack Market While Americans say they care about eating healthier, the numbers refute the claims.  The sales of coffee and bakery goodies continue to soar.  It… Read More

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What Is a Metal Building Kit?

Discover the wonders of a Steel Building Kit What does the term “metal building kit” mean?  A pre-engineered metal building kit is basically a life-sized version of a kid’s erector set. A steel building kit is the simplest and most efficient way to build— and a do-it-yourselfer’s dream structure.  Every piece of the structural framing ships straight from the factory.  Each component arrives pre-formed, marked for easy identification, and ready to assemble. What is included in a Metal Building Kit?… Read More

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Steel Barns and Farm Buildings

Agricultural Building Trends for 21st Century Farming Changes in the evolution of farming practices mandate changes in farm buildings.  Pre-engineered steel barns and buildings still dominate rural agricultural construction.  However, recent years have seen several distinct trends in farm buildings. Larger Structures, Wider Doors Today’s bigger farms employ huge machinery.  Unfortunately, these super-sized tractors and farm attachments do not fit into older equipment sheds. Modern farm operations require hefty-sized farm buildings and machinery shelters with much wider doors.  Prefabricated steel… Read More

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Is It a Pre-engineered or a Prefab Building?

Understanding Building System Terms You’ve probably seen construction articles throwing around terms like “prefab building,” “pre-engineered building” and “modular building.”  But what do these terms actually mean?  Let’s get down to basics. Pre-engineered Building A pre-engineered building generally refers to a metal building. Steel lends itself particularly well to pre-engineering.  Steel’s properties and strength are well known.  Created in mills according to strict industry standards, steel’s load-carrying properties are consistent and verifiable. Just as the name “pre-engineered” implies, a structural… Read More

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10 Ways Metal Buildings Cut Costs

How Prefabricated Steel Building Kits Save You Money Metal buildings cut costs at every stage of the project. Prefab steel building kits save money on material purchase, construction costs, and operating expenses. Is it any wonder that pre-engineered metal buildings now rule low-rise construction, with 65% of the commercial market and 95% of the industrial market? It is simple economics. Let’s take a closer look at ten ways prefab steel buildings save you money. Affordable to Buy Pre-engineered metal buildings… Read More

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A Veteran’s Day Salute to Military Hangars

As We Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country So Faithfully The history of civilian aircraft hangars follows closely behind the development of military hangars.  In fact, it would be difficult to separate any aviation advances from military aircraft improvements. As we celebrate both Veteran’s Day and National Aviation History Month this month, let’s look at the history of military hangars in the U.S. and the aircraft they housed. Brief Military Flight Timeline You might expect airplane shelters to be… Read More

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Metal Hangars in Residential Airparks Takeoff

Why Detached Steel Hangars are Perfect for Airpark Pilots and Planes Having metal hangars at home creates a paradise for pilots and their planes at airparks across the U.S. and Canada. These residences-parked-on-a-runway create a haven for aviation enthusiasts and the real loves of their lives— their aircraft. Since November is National Aviation History Month, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at these fly-in communities that are making aviation history. Aviators and Airparks: Love at First Flight… Read More

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Incredible Adaptable Prefab Metal Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Rule in Low-Rise Construction Prefab metal buildings dominate low-rise construction— and with good reason.  Economical to build, simple to erect, and cost-effective to operate, pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) are adaptable and reliable.  Today PEMBs are the first choice for all commercial and industrial low-rise construction— and for residential accessory buildings, too. Incredibly Flexible Designs A fundamental rectangular box makes the most useful, economical, and material-efficient building design.  That’s the “sweet spot” for prefab steel buildings. With today’s… Read More

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5 Ways to Prevent Leaks in Steel Buildings

How to Avoid Moisture Problems in a Metal Building Leaks in steel buildings come from two sources: the outside and the inside.  Storms cause leaks when moisture penetrates the outside of the building—usually the roof.  Condensation forms on the inside of a steel building when humidity and heat inside the building hit the cooler outer skin of the structure during cold weather. Moisture is the Enemy of a Metal Building Do not underestimate the damage inflicted by leaks in steel… Read More

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