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In General Information, Lightning and Steel Buildings

How Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Resist Lightning Damage

There are 1,800 Thunderstorms in Progress at this Moment Lightning dances across the sky in jagged bolts.  Both beautiful and deadly, lightning flashes out with awesome power, potentially causing massive property damage, debilitating injuries, and even death for those without building lightning protection.  The prudent take building lightning protection seriously by constructing steel buildings. When grounding metal buildings is done properly, lightning passes harmlessly into the ground. Well-Grounded Metal Buildings Are Safer from Lightning Did you know lightning causes more… Read More

In General Information, History of Steel

Did You Know the White House is a Steel Building?

Renovating the American White House with the Strength of Steel Recent action-packed movie blockbusters like “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down” made me curious about the construction of the White House.  After 30-plus years in of the steel building business, it was no surprise to me to learn the White House is a type of steel building. However, it did not start out as a steel building. How the White House became a Steel Building Construction on the White… Read More

In General Information, Steel Building Costs, more

Comparing Pre-engineered Steel Building Costs

How Extreme Building Codes Affect Your Metal Building Bottom Line Location must be addressed when engineering a prefabricated steel building.  Local building codes designed to mitigate risk in a natural disaster influence final steel building prices. For example, in coastal areas where hurricane-force winds are likely, local building codes will require a higher wind load.  The seismic load must increases in earthquake-prone regions.  Areas with large amounts of snow require stronger snow loads. Higher loads may require more steel, heavier… Read More

In General Information, Steel Framing 101

Building Codes and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

How Recent Natural Disasters Affect Steel Building Construction We’ve all watched in awe as natural disasters strike with increasing frequency and violence.  Blizzards, hurricanes, floods, lightning, tornado outbreaks, wildfires, and earthquakes dominate the news.  Property damages often run into billions of dollars.  Homes, and buildings for agriculture, commercial enterprises, and industrial businesses, must be ready to face the increasing risks.  RHINO prefabricated metal buildings stand ready to meet the challenges. Building Codes For Structures— Including Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Building codes… Read More

In General Information, Steel Building Costs

How Much Does a Pre-engineered Metal Building Cost?

Answering the One Question Everyone Asks About Steel Buildings The question asked most often at RHINO Steel Buildings is, “How much does a metal building cost?”  Unfortunately, that’s like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” Many Factors Affect Metal Building Costs There are so many variables for a prefabricated metal building. You can visit RHINO's service center for more information or you can read about just a few of the elements that determine the final cost of a… Read More

In General Information, Steel Framing 101

Standard or Custom Steel Buildings?

The Choice that Makes a Big Difference in Metal Building Costs All the steel building Web sites and brochures talk about standard steel buildings and custom built metal buildings. What do those terms really mean? Standard versus Custom Steel Buildings At RHINO, a “standard” order is a basic box design with a moderate gable or single slope roofline up to a 4:12 pitch and with an 8’ to 40’ height. A design classified as a “custom” requires unusual or more… Read More

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A Steel Storage Building to the Rescue

How a Steel Warehouse Survived the San Francisco Earthquake After spending most of my adult life in the pre-engineered steel building business, I am always intrigued by the history of steel structures.  Recently I encountered a fascinating story about a steel storage building built in 1906. The great San Francisco earthquake struck on April 18, 1906.  Estimated by modern seismologists to have measured between 7.7 and 8.2 on today’s Richter Scale, the earthquake reduced the busy metropolis to rubble.  In… Read More

In General Information, Steel Framing 101

Steel Buildings 101: Part 3— Endwall Steel Framing

In the first two “Steel Buildings 101” articles, we discussed primary framing and secondary framing basics.  This last article in the series covers endwall framing. Steel Building Endwalls: Post-and-Beam There are three basic types of endwalls in pre-engineered metal buildings. The RHINO standard building endwall illustrated at right is called a POST-and-BEAM endwall, or a BEARING endwall.  Endwall POSTS within the endwall help support the load. The post-and-beam endwall only carries half the load of the bay, so lighter C-channel… Read More

In General Information, Steel Framing 101

Steel Buildings 101: Part 2— Secondary Steel Framing

High-tech advances in design software and steel production have decreased the cost of pre-engineered structural steel framing.  Now produced in large-scale factories, prefabrication makes steel buildings and steel framing systems assemble quickly and easily, reducing construction costs, too. Result?  The strongest building material is now also the most economical for most low-rise construction.  You get the best building at the best price for all your agricultural, commercial, industrial, and storage building projects. Steel Buildings: Secondary Framing In Part 1 of… Read More

In General Information, Steel Framing 101

Steel Buildings 101: Part 1— Primary Steel Framing

Learning the Basic Parts of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Pre-engineered steel frame building kits dominate low-rise agricultural, commercial, industrial, and storage construction in today’s market. Why? Recent advances in design software are drastically minimizing engineering and manufacturing time, while maximizing productivity.  Precise calculations adjust for the loads required on metal building frames and automatically design steel frame building kits with the most efficient use of materials. RHINO metal building packages arrive at the site with all the steel framing pieces prefabricated,… Read More

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