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What is a Clear Span Steel Building?

Defining “Clear Span” as applied to Pre-engineered Metal Buildings “Clear span” is a term used in construction for both buildings and bridges. This article explains the definition of clear span as applied to pre-engineered clear span steel buildings. The Span of a Structure The span of a building is the width of the framing. Pre-engineered clear span steel buildings are self-supporting. No support columns are required to support the building. Therefore, the inside span from outside column to outside column… Read More

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Why I Am Thankful for Metal Buildings This Thanksgiving

RHINO Steel Buildings: Counting a Cornucopia Full of Blessings As Thanksgiving approaches I find myself contemplating all the many blessings in my life— family, friends, health, and happiness.  As the owner of RHINO Steel Building Systems, I am also thankful for the professional blessings I enjoy in the pre-engineered metal building business. Bear with me as I share with you the results of all this introspection, as I count the specific reasons I am so blessed to be in this business.… Read More

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Man of Steel Buildings

The People of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings The recent release of the new Superman move “Man of Steel,” prompted me to reflect on my own adventures as a “man of steel”— prefabricated steel buildings, that is. I have spent most of my adult life in the steel framing business.  However, I am just one of thousands of men and women who work in the steel buildings industry.  To me, they are all supermen and superwomen in their own right. The RHINO… Read More

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Prefabricated Steel Buildings for Auto Shops

Procrastination on car repairs pays… the auto shops Americans are keeping their cars and trucks longer these days.  When consumers do finally trade vehicles, more people now choose used vehicles instead of new.  Both these trends translate into increased business for auto repair shops. That is what makes today a great time to build a new automotive repair shop— or to expand a current auto business—with prefabricated metal shop buildings. Older cars on the road mean more business for auto shops. … Read More

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The Many Faces of Commercial Steel Buildings

Versatility and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Some people expect pre-engineered commercial steel buildings constructed to all look like a barn.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Beautiful, Functional, Durable Commercial Steel Buildings Many of the commercial businesses you frequent are probably framed with a metal building system without you even knowing it. Prefabricated commercial steel buildings can be finished in any exterior building material or metal building facade. Use brick, stone, stucco, glass, aggregate panels, concrete, block, rustic wood, or… Read More

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Pre-engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Greater Protection from the Elements The strength of steel delivers many benefits for the commercial market.  Pre-engineered commercial steel buildings deliver excellent defense from the elements. The Strength of Pre-engineered Commercial Steel Buildings A steel-framed building is stronger than conventional wood framing.  It offers greater protection from hurricane-forced winds, heavy snows, and earthquakes. Steel conducts electricity much better than wood.  A properly grounded commercial metal building resists lightning damage, as the current passes harmlessly into the ground. An inorganic material,… Read More

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How Cool Metal Roofing on Steel Buildings Saves the Environment

In the first article in this two part series, we discussed the ways cool metal roofing saves money on utility bills. However, cool-coated steel roofing also powerfully impacts the environment as an example of environmentally friendly roofing. COOL METAL ROOFING PANELS ON STEEL BUILDINGS: NOT A BLACK OR WHITE ISSUE We have always known a white roof is cooler than a dark roof, regardless of the roofing material. Just as you are cooler in the summer if you wear white… Read More

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How Cool Metal Roofing Saves Money on Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

More and more people now choose cool-coating steel roof panels to top their pre-engineered steel buildings.  In fact, cool metal roofing today account for 25%-30% of all steel metal roofing sales. What Is Cool Roofing For Metal Roof Insulation? A relatively new technology, “cool coating” allows steel roof panels to reflect 40%-50% of heat away from the building and back into the atmosphere. Discovered as a result of the military’s coatings developed for stealth aircraft, this infrared (IR) reflectivity innovation… Read More

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Exterior Panels for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Exterior Panels for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings When it comes to finishing steel building walls, most consumers choose long-lasting and durable exterior metal siding panels for their pre-engineered steel buildings. Although commercial steel buildings can be finished in other building materials for a distinctive appearance, most buyers still opt for metal building panels for the most weather resistant siding. A far cry from the old “tin” sheet-metal building siding options of your grandpa’s day, the strong metal building panels used on… Read More

In General Information, Steel Framing 101

What is a Metal Building System?

An Investment in Quality Soaring high-rise structures like towering skyscrapers come to mind when most people hear the term “commercial buildings.”   However, 90% of all commercial buildings contain only one or two stories and less than 25,000 square feet.  More and more budget-minded, quality-conscious investors find a pre-engineered metal building system works best for low-rise commercial buildings. The metal building industry sells over 40,000 metal building kits per year, according to Metal Construction News.  Only about 50% of sales are… Read More

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