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In General Information, Lightning and Steel Buildings

10 Lightning Mythbusters

Separating Lightning Facts from Fables Unraveling the truth about lightning starts with sorting myths and legends from facts from facts grounded in truth.  Many of the tales told about lightning go unchallenged. Some of these lightning myths are misguided, but harmless. Others are dangerous, even deadly, during a thunderstorm.Don’t accept hearsay without divining the facts: MYTH #1: Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Balderdash. Any location may be struck more than once. Lightning often strikes repeatedly—especially tall, pointed, or… Read More

In General Information, Lightning and Steel Buildings

Lightning: Dazzling, Dangerous, and Deadly

Lightning is the #5 Weather-Related Killer in the U.S. Do you love the crashing, booming, light show of a good electrical storm— or fear the awesome power of its lightning? Skittering across the sky in blinding flashes of menace, powerful lightning rips away our illusions of control. As breathtaking and hypnotic as those jagged, deafening flashes dancing across the sky can be, remember lightning is also a raw, deadly power. Each year it inflicts massive property damage, debilitating injuries, and death on… Read More

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Iron and Steel Tools Forged the New World

Metal Tools Were Essential for the Pilgrims’ Progress in America The first settlers in America forged a country with their faith, fortitude— and with their iron and steel implements. Taming the New World required people of great determination and strength. It also strong, durable tools made from skilled European iron and steel craftsmen. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s spend a few minutes exploring the tools the Pilgrims and the Jamestown settlers used to carve a New World out… Read More

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The Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Buzz Advertising Creates Trust that Money Cannot Buy Never underestimate the incredible power of word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth reviews can make— or break your business. Word-of-Mouth Advertising Hits You Right in the Bottom Line Positive recommendations from satisfied customers keep sales humming. Shared disparaging critiques from disgruntled customers make the bottom line dip. Word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising— also called word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) or the verbal buzz— refers to what your customers are telling others about your business. When word-of-mouth works at its… Read More

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Designing Metal Buildings for Snow Country

Tips for Planning Steel Buildings for Extreme Winters There are many considerations when planning metal buildings for snow country. Preparing for extreme snow and ice conditions begins with effective planning before your pre-engineered metal building is ordered. Locating the building site The first consideration is placement of the structure on your site. Prevailing winds greatly affect snow buildup on and around a structure. The winds shift the snow, creating drifts on the roof of a building. Configuring a structure with… Read More

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Installing Windows in Metal Buildings

Any Style Window Can Be Used In Steel Building Window Installation Steel building window installation is quick and easy. You may choose any style window that you would use in any other building for a steel building. No Limits on Windows in Metal Buildings Most metal building suppliers offer metal building windows in several styles and colors. Designed specifically for the metal building industry, these windows allow light and ventilation into the structure. However, there are some limitations on window placement… Read More

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Understanding Ice Dams

How to Avoid Costly Ice Dam Damage Those gorgeous, sparkling icicles hanging picturesquely from your roof could be hiding a very big headache-to-come: ice dams. Ice dams wreak havoc on buildings. They rip gutters from their moorings, loosen asphalt shingles, and warp and rot wood sheathing. The water backed up behind the ice dam leaks into walls and attics creating soggy insulation, dripping ceilings, stained sheetrock, and peeling paint. If not corrected quickly, mold and mildew— and compromised indoor air… Read More

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Understanding Snow Loads in Construction

How Snow and Ice Stress Structural Integrity How much snow can a roof hold? Roof snow loads indicate the amount of additional force pressing down on a building when snow and ice pile up on the roof during winter storms. That sounds simple enough, right? Well there are a lot more variables than just the amount of snow on the roof. DENSITY: The density of the snow makes a significant difference in the weight of the snow. Typically, snow in… Read More

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7 Steel Building Maintenance Tips for Winter

How to Prepare Your Metal Building for Frigid Weather Proper steel building maintenance is simple and quick— but very important. Whatever the function of your metal building, it is in your best interest to protect your investment now. Preventing problems before they happen costs far less than making repairs later. Before the Weather Outside Turns Frightful… Fortunately, steel buildings require very little maintenance. Perform these seven easy tasks now to prepare your metal building for a problem-free winter: 1. START… Read More

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Vampire Power Bites into Your Energy Budget

How Standby Power Wastes Your Electricity As you read this, “vampire power” is quietly sucking money from your pocket. So diabolic is this insidious electricity-guzzling ghoul that you never even know you are being robbed. Standby Power Here is the real shocker: your appliances and electronic devices are lying to you. They pretend to be turned off. Don’t believe it. Most electrical products continue to draw small amounts of currents even when turned off. The current used by appliances and… Read More

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