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DIY Steel Building Shop

Using a Prefab Metal Building for the Ultimate Workshop Every true do-it-yourselfer deserves a fantastic steel building shop.  No matter what your do-it-yourself passion, you will find your creative juices flowing in a roomy, comfortable, well-organized workshop. As a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, you already have a head spinning with ideas for the perfect workshop.  You supply the ideas, and let RHINO supply the prefabricated steel building shop kit to fit your needs. Dare to dream it, and then dare to build… Read More

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5 Reasons to Add a Detached Steel Garage

Add Function and Value to Your Home with a 3-Car Garage Have you ever thought about adding a detached steel garage to your home? A roomy, pre-engineered steel garage or multi-purpose building delivers convenience today— and a higher resale price later. Let’s look at five reasons that a metal garage makes a sound investment. #1. Increased Property Value Increasing a home’s square footage to the property— including via a detached structure— reaps an uptick in the property’s worth. A roomy… Read More

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Building a Green Garage with a Metal Building

10 Ways Steel Garages Save Money, Time, and the Environment A prefabricated metal building creates three things property owners crave: vehicle security, space, and greater property value. Equally important to today’s eco-conscious consumer, pre-engineered steel garages are green garages. Can you even imagine all your vehicles— cars, boat, motorhome, riding mower—sheltered under one solid steel roof? Think of the possibilities! Do any of these garage options make your heart flutter? De-cluttering the house Crafting a workshop or hobby shop Constructing… Read More

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Millions Now Work from Home Offices

Make Working from Home Work for You Advances in technology have brought a radical change in where we toil, as millions of Americans opt to work from home offices. “Telecommuting,” as remote office work is called, brings amazing rewards to those who work at home— and to their employers. PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE: A Stanford University study concluded home-based employees averaged 12% more output than office-bound workers. Some large corporations reported even greater productivity increases. DECREASED OFFICE COSTS: The more employees working… Read More

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Garage/Storage Buildings for Business

Commercial Applications for Steel Multi-Purpose Structures In a recent post, we focused on large garage/storage buildings for homeowners. However, many commercial enterprises also benefit from building pre-engineered steel industrial storage buildings. Vehicle Shelters Many businesses require delivery vans or trucks to transport their products. Caterers, florists, furniture stores, medical suppliers, office supply companies, party planners, printing companies, and the like depend on their vehicles to keep their businesses rolling. Commercial trucking companies also own fleets of vehicles. Without the protection… Read More

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6 Reasons Spacious Steel Garages Rule

Roomy Multi-Purpose Metal Buildings Increase Property Value Steel garages with ample storage offer so many possibilities. Why settle for just an ordinary garage? Build a combination garage and storage building that is the envy of the neighborhood. Picture having room for all your vehicles— with extra storage space for all the stuff crowding your living space. Well-built metal garages and multi-purpose structures provide ample room for whatever you would like to include. A bigger multi-purpose steel garage also supplies enough… Read More

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Building a New Garage? BIGGER is Better!

Steel Building Kits Create Spectacular Garages with Room to Spare Why build a plain, dinky garage when you can have a roomy multi-purpose detached building? Not only will you have space to protect your cars, but also room for recreational vehicles, lawn care equipment, hobbies— and more importantly— STORAGE! Why Invest in a Bigger Garage with Additional Storage? There are three basic reasons to consider adding a combination garage and storage structure to your property: VEHICLE PROTECTION: Why park your… Read More

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