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Pre-engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Greater Protection from the Elements The strength of steel delivers many benefits for the commercial market.  Pre-engineered commercial steel buildings deliver excellent defense from the elements. The Strength of Pre-engineered Commercial Steel Buildings A steel-framed building is stronger than conventional wood framing.  It offers greater protection from hurricane-forced winds, heavy snows, and earthquakes. Steel conducts electricity much better than wood.  A properly grounded commercial metal building resists lightning damage, as the current passes harmlessly into the ground. An inorganic material,… Read More

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The Clearspan Advantage of Pre-engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Wide Open Spaces for Floor Plan Flexibility Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.  Consequently, pre-engineered commercial steel buildings allow much wider, unobstructed interior areas for commercial building projects. How Clear Span Floor Space Enhances Commercial Steel Buildings This ability to span long distances without interior support columns is called “clear span.” Clear span steel framing supports the load of its own weight without the need to “prop up” the framing with load-bearing interior walls. RHINO prefabricated… Read More

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Why Pre-engineered Steel Commercial Buildings Dominate the Market

Today, builders frame all superstructures like high-rise apartments, bridges, and multi-storied office buildings with steel.  Those huge, gigantic edifices would not be possible without the superior strength of steel.  Steel commercial buildings lead the low-rise, one and two-story market, too. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, about 170,000 new commercial buildings are constructed each year.  Steel framing accounts for 70%-80% of those buildings. Why Builders Choose Pre-engineered Steel Commercial Buildings Smart commercial builders choose pre-engineered commercial buildings to save… Read More

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