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Building an Auto Repair Shop with a Steel Building

Fire Safety: One Reason Most Garages are Built with Steel One of the best reasons to choose a pre-engineered steel building for an auto garage is the fire resistance of steel. Auto repair shops, tire shops, truck servicing business, and the like are very dangerous places for fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) collected fire data for retail operations for five years.  During that time, 6,360 structural fires were reported.  Automotive sales and service and gas stations accounted for 2,290… Read More

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RHINO Metal Buildings for the Auto Repair Industry

Building Efficient Garages with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings In the automotive repair business, providing service technicians with a roomy, well-lit, comfortable workplace is essential to productivity.  It also helps reduce turnover of trained personnel.  Pre-engineered metal buildings excel in creating a cost-effective structure for a cost-efficient business. Auto Repair Shops Save Money with Energy-Conscious Metal Buildings Rigid-frame red-iron columns and roof rafters create deep cavities.  Deeper cavities allow room for extra-thick insulation. In a particularly mild-weather location, where only the office… Read More

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Why Metal Buildings Make the Best Auto Shops

Building a Garage with the Strength of Steel Auto shops need open space for the vehicles they repair.  Conventional building materials like wood or block require structural load-bearing columns or walls to support the roof.  That is very limiting for a garage operation.  Pre-engineered metal buildings provide open, clear span structures, which maximize the work area. In fact, the majority of auto, truck, boat, and recreational vehicle repair shop owners build with steel framing. Metal Building Benefits for the Auto… Read More

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Economical Steel Buildings for the Auto Service Industry

Auto and Truck Repair Shops Test Steel’s Metal The best structures for mechanics garages and auto repair shops are pre-engineered metal buildings.  Today’s computer designed pre-engineered steel buildings provide the strongest possible auto shops— at the best price. Auto Service Businesses Flourish in a Tough Economy The potential for expansion in the auto repair field looks exciting. Fewer people attempt to do their own repairs today.  Both individuals and businesses keep vehicles longer than ever before. Demand is for quality auto… Read More

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Metal Buildings for the Auto Repair Industry

High-Tech Auto Technicians Housed in High-Tech Buildings Today’s automobiles contain many highly technical and computer-controlled.  Auto repair work in the 21st century requires, high-tech diagnostic equipment, highly trained mechanics— and economical computer-designed metal buildings. The 21st Century Automobile Years ago, anyone with a smattering of mechanical experience could open a little auto repair shop and stay busy.  Many amateur “shade tree mechanics” handled their own car repairs. Those days are gone. As in almost every other field, rapidly progressing technology… Read More

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Prefabricated Steel Buildings for Auto Shops

Procrastination on car repairs pays… the auto shops Americans are keeping their cars and trucks longer these days.  When consumers do finally trade vehicles, more people now choose used vehicles instead of new.  Both these trends translate into increased business for auto repair shops. That is what makes today a great time to build a new automotive repair shop— or to expand a current auto business—with prefabricated metal shop buildings. Older cars on the road mean more business for auto shops. … Read More

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Using Pre-engineered Metal Buildings as Auto Repair Shops

Building or Expanding an Auto Repair Shop for Today’s Market Now is a terrific time to start an auto repair shop— or to expand an existing repair business— with steel prefabricated garages or repair shop metal buildings. Why?  People are delaying buying another car or truck.  Many are opting for less expensive used cars over premium new cars when they do decide purchase another vehicle. Older cars on the road inevitably lead to more upkeep, maintenance, and repairs.  Auto mechanic… Read More

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177 Commercial Uses for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

I have discussed in earlier blogs the many benefits provided by pre-engineered commercial steel buildings.  (See “Why You Should Buy a Prefab Steel Buildings.”) I also covered “The Amazing Versatility of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings” in a recent article.  Check out this list of low-rise applications for commercial prefab buildings. Commercial Aviation Buildings • Aircraft Hangars • Corporate Offices • Helicopter Hangars • Maintenance and Repair Buildings • Multi-Purpose Structures • Private Jet Terminals • Shade Structures Commercial Retail Applications • “Big-Box” Warehouse-Style Retailers • Advertising Specialty Shops • Antique Stores… Read More

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The Many Faces of Commercial Steel Buildings

Versatility and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Some people expect pre-engineered commercial steel buildings constructed to all look like a barn.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Beautiful, Functional, Durable Commercial Steel Buildings Many of the commercial businesses you frequent are probably framed with a metal building system without you even knowing it. Prefabricated commercial steel buildings can be finished in any exterior building material or metal building facade. Use brick, stone, stucco, glass, aggregate panels, concrete, block, rustic wood, or… Read More

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Saving Energy with Commercial Metal Buildings

HOW BETTER INSULATION FOR STEEL BUILDINGS DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES ENERGY BILLS Non-residential structures constructed with pre-engineered commercial metal buildings can reap huge energy savings— with the right insulation package.  In fact, proper insulation for steel buildings can provide decades of energy savings. Deeper Wall Cavities in Commercial Metal Buildings Insulation packages for commercial pre-engineered steel buildings are environmentally “green.” Investing in premium-grade metal building insulation saves natural resources— and the greenbacks of the property owners. The walls of pre-engineered metal buildings are by… Read More

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