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50 Ways to Cut Energy Costs in Buildings

Simple Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption and Operating Costs We all need to cut energy costs. Reducing energy consumption saves us money— and it is the right thing to do for our country and the world. Slashing energy consumption in buildings is a great way to start conservation efforts. Buildings are a huge energy drain. Buildings suck up 40% of all energy used in America— and account for over 73% of all electricity consumed in the U.S. Does that shock… Read More

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What Makes Steel a Green Building Material?

The Environmentally Friendly Characteristics of Today’s Steel In earlier blogs, we covered what green building is, why green building is important, and how green building saves money. But what characteristics make steel an environmentally friendly building product? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The battle cry of the environmentalists is “reduce, reuse, recycle.” This credo should apply to all aspects of modern living, including new eco-friendly building construction. REDUCE:  Pre-engineered steel buildings drastically reduce the amount of material required to frame a strong,… Read More

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Build Green, Save Green

10 Ways Green Building with Steel Saves Money Many people fear choosing green building will cost too much. Not so. Many green building materials do marginally increase the initial cost of the building. However, some building systems cost no more than conventional construction. Many eco-friendly choices pay for themselves several times over the lifetime of the structure. Take prefabricated steel buildings, for example. The Advantages of Recycled Steel Building with steel is building green. More steel is recycled than any… Read More

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Why Is Green Building So Important?

Green Building Choices Stretch Our Natural Resources Our last post covered the meaning of environmentally- friendly “green building.” Now let’s look at the reasons building green is so important. Leaving a Legacy The goal of all eco-conscious strategies is simple: find ways to meet our present needs without sacrificing future needs. Our resources are finite. Forests are dwindling. Urban sprawl gobbles up more undeveloped land acre by acre. Non-renewable fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal diminish by the day.… Read More

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What Is a Green Building?

Defining Green Building Objectives We hear the term “green building” a lot today. What does the term really mean? At its simplest form, green building is construction which casues the least impact on the environment. Green building considers all environmental aspects of a project. This includes site location, building design and operation, and the eventual deconstruction of the structure. Green building integrates all— or some— of these strategies to reduce the “carbon footprint” of a structure: Disturbing the natural setting of… Read More

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Environmentally Efficient Steel Buildings

Building Green with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Eco-friendly pre-engineered steel buildings meet all the criteria for a green, environmentally conscious building material. Steel production’s efficiency— and the efficient processes of designing, engineering, and manufacturing the structure— eliminates waste. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Living green requires using resources wisely. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mantra “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” admonishes us to stretch natural resources. Choosing green building materials like steel framing stretches resources. The strength of steel reduces the amount of… Read More

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39 Reasons Recycled Steel Rules

Celebrating the 17th America Recycles Day: November 15, 2014 Recycled steel leads the pack in recycled materials.  On the eve of the seventeenth America Recycles Day, some facts about the scope of steel recycling seem appropriate. Steel Recycling and Production Facts • Steel is 100% recyclable. • Steel retains all its strength when recycled. Recycle steel hundreds of times— and it is still just as strong as it was the first time. No other material can make that claim. •… Read More

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Steel Industrial Buildings: The Green Choice

Environmentally Responsible Buildings for Industry We covered some of the business benefits of constructing steel industrial buildings in the two previous blogs. (See “7 Reasons to Choose Steel Industrial Buildings” and “7 More Reasons to Choose Steel Industrial Buildings.”) But what about the environmental impact of using steel framing for industrial construction? Is steel a green, eco-friendly choice? Absolutely! Recycling Steel Consider these steel facts: Steel is by far the most recycled material on the planet. Steel is 100% recyclable.… Read More

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Steel Barns: Making a Red Barn Green

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Eco-friendly Metal Buildings Strong, durable and recyclable pre-engineered steel barns and agricultural buildings make it easy to be “green.” The environmental benefits of metal buildings make them with favorite for rural dwellers and city dwellers alike. This Land is Your Land Farmers and ranchers respect the land. Their very existence depends on the earth’s bounty. Being “green” comes naturally to them. That is just one of the many reasons so many ranchers and farmers make… Read More

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77 Reasons to Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings- Part 4

Metal Buildings: Building Green for Future Generations This series catalogs the reasons for choosing pre-engineered steel buildings. In the first three parts of the series, we covered the rewards prefabricated metal buildings provide during design, construction, and use. The customer’s benefits are just part of the story of steel. Some of the greatest attributes of steel buildings begin at the end of the structure’s life. Building Green with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Today it is more important than ever to think… Read More

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